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23-06-2002, 11:43 PM
ah yes.... just finished setting up my dual boot last night, installed win98 updates, etc, did an image of a couple of drives, lovely.
boot up this evening, HELLO. blue screen of death. uh.
so I would really appreciate suggestions from anyone with ideas on how to increase stability in win98. or can it not be done?

would i be better off adding another OS (win2000, or winXP) and using that for important stuff like my uni work blah blah, and uninstall everything except the games that i want on win98 and use it for only gaming?

my hard drive is partitioned thus:
|dos6.22|| win 98 || empty || fat 32 || fat 32 ||
1 Gb 4 Gb 11Gb 12 Gb 12Gb

the first 2 partitions are primary, the rest logical. the first fat32 is for downloaded program .zip files etc, the second fat32 is for my data, music etc.
empty is waiting for linux to be installed.
in dos, there exists only a c:, in win98 there is C: -> F: with f being the dos drive, my downloads and data d: and e: respectively.

24-06-2002, 12:01 AM
whats the error message?

win98se is resonablely stable. not as stable as w2k/xp but it does the job. just a matter of working out what caused the fault.

24-06-2002, 12:16 AM
err i can't remember exactly. something to do with VDX (??) and then some big hex number.
i also had one that I hadn't seen before. said something about the windows install being corrupt and i need to run setup again or my system might become "unstable".

coz it didn't become unstable the second i installed windows.... of course, dumb aas it may sound, stability is partially the reason i installed dos with win3.11 aswell. certainly not as functional as win98, but chuck a calmira shell on to improve the GUI, and you've go one hellishly fast pc. win3.11 on an athlon 1700+ w/ 256 ram.... you never wait for ANYTHING to load, and it's SO much more stable.

cheer bro.

25-06-2002, 05:02 PM
Do your regular maintainance I use window washer washandgo ad-aware fix-it plus norton 2002 also pestpatrol plus GoBack that has saveed me countless trouble 50x or more inthe last year as i am always tweaking or installing software out of curiousity lol it allows me eo go back in time to when my system was going perfectly .