View Full Version : HP810cPrinter -Streaky words

18-06-2002, 02:39 PM
When I print a Word2000 document ,say a letter , in portrait style ,the words are 'streaky'.If I change to landscape and reprint the words are perfect.Also printing from say MSMoney(a report in portrait) I get a perfect result.
Tristan suggested that word might be set to print in 'draft' mode but this is not so - I have settings on Best and Colour.
CAn anyone advise what the problem may be and how to fix?? MAny thanks

18-06-2002, 03:48 PM
I am sure you will have tried this but just in case, have you physically cleaned the print head?? (not the cleaning cycle in the printer, that only cleans the cartridge jets, and could make any buildup worse)

As its an HP the print head is part of the cartridge. Also look where the cartridge seats, to make sure you have not got a buildup of ink gunge and fluff around the bottom. Its only a mere tad above the paper there isnt room for any buildup without streaking.

When you print in landscape you are printing across the lines of text, not along them which may make a minute difference if a buildup is there.

Has it only occurred with present cartridge?

18-06-2002, 04:13 PM
Thanks - Yes have cleaned the Cartridge Since Money and Landscape print OK doesn't it lead to Word somehow?Yes it is only with this cartridge-which I refilled myself .I have also run a Test PAge and that comes out OK