View Full Version : Brand new PentiumIII450 seems too slow.

21-07-1999, 10:16 PM
I purchased my new PC not quite 2 months ago, moving on from a 486-66. I was expecting 'wonderous stuff' but it just doesn't seem all that great. I suspect there are some real problems, but I am also wondering if I am expecting too much.
It has gone back to be looked at once, because it was locking up regularly and even ctrl-alt-del did nothing. They did something to the RAM (128Mb - it was 'split in 2'? - didn't really get explained to me), told me that active-desktop was chewing up resources and that having realplayer in the startup was causing problems. It was ok for maybe a day when I got it back (probably of very cautious use on my part), but now is having the same problems again. I have been running Norton System Doctor to see where the problem is, and it seems a very small game someone e-mailed to me (a ball and paddle knocking bricks game) kicks the CPU up to 100% when it is all that is running and I get nice warning messages telling me 'If this problem occurs often, your system is probably underpowered for the work you normally do. Consider upgrading your system to a higher-performance CPU.' Hmmm.... (this game runs fine on my work PC -Pentium200 w/ 32Mb - which is networked and while I have open Outlook, a mainframe emulation, and a database type program).
I don't like their explanation about active desktop, because I like being able to alter my wallpaper etc, how else can I do that? Surely that is a slim excuse, shouldn't a PIII be able to cope with almost anything? I also cannot run something like Publisher while logged on and using IE, with nothing else open. Am I expecting too much? I am loath to take it back to the shop again right now as I feel they are fobbing me off and want to somehow prove to them there really is a problem. But it appears to work 'just fine' for them. Help?! Thanks.