View Full Version : Liteon CD Rom 32X Model LTN301 Spec's?

20-07-1999, 08:03 PM
I want to establish whether my/subject CD drive is capable of reading RAW for ripping CD music for conversion to mp3 format. I have found a CD model compability list which features some Liteon models which I think are older models and are therefore not sure how up to date that schedule is. Also been seriously looking at MS ditital Sound System Speakers (USB setup - not sure yet if there is a retailer of this product in NZ). It would also therefore be nice to know whether my CD player has the capability to extract digital audio data from music CD.
My own endeavours to find a Liteon web site that provides full technical specs ended up driving me crazy & going around in circles. What Liteon sites I went to were pretty useless in the way of info!! Maybe some one out there with same model already knows the answer to the above two issues??? or can provide with me a useful URL????
Many thanks for any help.