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15-06-2002, 10:38 PM
Here's a new browser for you to try out, it's called Crazy Browser <http://www.crazybrowser.com/index.htm> and it uses what resembles the IE interface. Here's some detail on what it does:
Crazy Browser is a powerful Web browser. It has the ability to open multiple sites and windows inside a single browser task. It also has a Smart Popup Filter - it blocks all the annoying popups automatically!
This has full support for Windows XP Theme and P3P privacy policy and JavaScript error suppression.... It can handle multiple monitors and has tab status indicators. Annoying ad windows can be removed automatically and multiple pages can be saved and reopened together. Crazy Browser comes with many preconfigured search engines, but you can extend it to use your own.
Major Features:
Tabbed Interface:It has the ability to open multiple sites and windows inside a single browser task. Browser tabs may be aligned at the top or the bottom of Crazy Browser and may be displayed on either one or multiple rows.
Full Windows XP Theme support. Cool!
Smart Popup Filter : Cool!
This is the best popup filter - it blocks all the annoying popups automatically!
Security: This has full support for P3P privacy policy and zone-based security assignments.
Multimedia Data Loading: Turn loading of multimedia data on/off with just one click.
Multiple Engine Searching: Crazy Browser comes with many preconfigured search engines, but you can extend it to use your own.
Middle mouse button click on links open on new tab. Cool!
Download it from here <http://www.crazybrowser.com/download.htm> and try it for yourself. The man who put me on to it (Shadow) swears by it.

Opera Software have released Opera 6.04 Build 1126 for download from here <http://savagenews.com/?show=2069> with no official word on changes.

Epox have released a new BIOS for their 8KHA+ motherboard to solve a shutdown problem. Grab the update here <http://www.epox.de/dl/techsupp/8khi2612.exe> and remember to take care when BIOS flashing.

VR-Zone has taken the new build of 3DMark 2001 Second Edition for a test drive around the block to see how it performs now that it includes support for AGP 8X and cards with pixel shader but no vertex shader. Go have a look at the results here <http://www.vr-zone.com/>.

Winnowsoft has released there application titled Winnow Application Manager 1.0, a utility that monitors running processes and startup applications for Win 98/ME. In more detail it does the following:
- Monitor the programs which run automatically during Windows startup and optionally remove them.
Ever wanted to disable those anoying programs which run automatically every time you start your computer? Winnow Application Manager lets you view and disable any one of them.

- Monitor all applications (foreground as well as background processes) which are running on your computer including their properties and dependency modules; and optionally kill them.
Ever tried to find out which applications or eventually spy/adware are running in the background without your knowledge and permission? Ever had a frozen program which you want to close but can't since it's not responding? Use Winnow Application Manager to get all information about running process and kill any one of them if necessory.
So if your still running these OS's Download <http://www.winnowsoft.com/winnowam.zip>it and give it a go.

Asus have released yet more new BIOS files. Here's the list:
Asus Bios P4T533-C 1004 - 10 Beta
Asus Bios TUV4X 1005 - 01 Beta
Asus Bios A7V266 1009 Final (=1009 - 01 Beta)
Asus Bios A7V266-C 1009 Final (=1009 - 01 Beta)
Asus Bios A7V266-E 1009 Final (=1009 - 01 Beta)
Asus Bios A7V266-EX 1009 Final (=1009 - 01 Beta)
Asus Bios A7V266-M 1009 Final (=1009 - 01 Beta)
Asus Bios A7V266-ME 1009 Final (=1009 - 01 Beta)
Asus AFLASH v2.06 BIOS Flash Tool
Asus LiveUpdate v3.30.01 for Win9x / NT4 / W2K / XP and a LOT MORE...
Download the file of your choice Here <http://www.asuscom.de/support/techmain/technical.htm?ctn4>.

XMovie version 1.9.7X is out for download. XMovie is described as such:
XMovie is a reference movie player for MPEG-1, MPEG-2, MP3 audio, MP2 audio, WAV, AIFF, AC3 audio, Quicktime and DVD's on Linux boxes. XMovie is primarily used for uncompressed, high resolution playback of output from an editing program and not necessarily for low resolution, low bitrate internet downloads. 6 channels of audio can be sent to a soundcard supporting 6 channel audio. More importantly, HDTV program and ATSC transport streams play back. These streams are usually obtained through a capture board like the WinTV HD.
This version contains the following new stuff:
1.9.7 Should play all the Quicktime and AVI output from Cinelerra Beta 1. Should play some downloaded AVI files.
Linux users can download it here <http://heroinewarrior.com/xmovie.php3>.

It seems that Microsoft had a bit of boo boo the other day when it accidentally sent the virulent Nimda worm virus to South Korean developers, distributing Korean-language versions of Visual Studio .Net. Here are the details:
Microsoft's flagship developer tools picked up the digital pest when a third-party company translated the program into Korean, said Christopher Flores, lead product manager for Visual Studio .Net. Flores stressed that no other foreign-language versions of the program were found to carry the worm, and he said no systems had actually been infected.

The infected file is stored in the same location as the help files, Flores said, but it's a file created by Nimda, so the .Net program's help system doesn't know it's there and will never reference--or open--the file. It's unlikely, then, that the Nimda-infected file would ever be opened, Flores said. And if the worm did execute somehow, he said, it couldn't spread to the developer's system because the virus only runs on systems running Internet Explorer 5.5 and lower, and Visual Studio .Net requires version 6.0 of the browser.
'There have been no recorded infections In fact it's almost impossible to get the worm to execute on computers with Visual Studio .Net installed. It's extremely unlikely that a developer would ever accidentally get infected by Nimda. They would have to try hard just to run the worm'
The full story is here <http://msnbc-cnet.com.com/2100-1001-935994.html?type=pt&part=msnbc&tag=alert&form=feed&subj=cnetnews>.

Creative continues to push it's EAX ADVANCED HD audio with the release of the SOF II and UT Patches for Audigy cards with EAX ADVANCED HD. The new Multi-Environment technology renders up to 4 simultaneous audio environments in real time. Grab the patches from the following links and Audify your game experience:
- Unreal Tournament EAX Patches <http://www.eax.creative.com/downloads/unreal>
- Soldier of Fortune II EAX Patches <http://www.eax.creative.com/downloads/soldierOfFoutune>

Here's a hidden feature of Windows XP that will put you into closer contact with your mates. The feature is called WinChat and here's what it does:
WinChat is a simple peer-to-peer chatting program. You can use Chat on your computer to communicate with someone on another computer. Both computers must be connected to the same network; for example, a LAN or the Internet. Also, each computer must be running a similar protocol, such as TCP/IP. Your friend also needs to have winchat running to dial into him/her. WinChat is interactive. You see a reply to your messages as the other person types it. The Chat window is separated into two panes: one contains the messages you send, and the other contains the messages you receive.
To use Windows XP WinChat go to Start --> Run and type winchat.

The official MechWarrior 4: Vengeance site <http://www.mechwarrior4.com/> has posted new version 3.0 patches for download. The patch is to coincide with the Inner Sphere Mech Pak which already includes this patch. The download is 37.7MB download for those that have the original game and a 41.3MB download for those with the Black Knight expansion pack. The patch adds an improved server browser to distinguish between the various editions, a new auto-updater, and a batch of bug fixes, many of which improve multiplayer or Black Knight and its editor.

Triumph Studios has released a demo of Age of Wonders II: the Wizard's Throne a turn-based strategy game. the demo is 104.8MB and features one scenario, playable from two sides as either a single player game against two AI opponents or as a multiplayer game against one human and one AI opponent. The demo offers select features, spells and units from the game, along with several multiplayer options. You can get it from Gigex <http://gigex.com/gp/gp.asp?PackageId=0050900013&source=05>.

Reaction Quake 3 <http://www.reactionquake3.com/news.php>beta 2.00 has been released. By the name you will realise that this is a Quake III Arena modification that is described as such:
Reaction Quake 3 (or simply known as 'Reaction') is essentially a direct-as-possible port of Action Quake 2 (AQ2) to Quake 3: Arena. Because the A-Team decided to continue work on Action Half-Life and Action Unreal Tournament, there will be no official port of AQ2 to Quake 3. Reaction Quake 3 is a community-based effort to implement the gameplay from the hit modification with Quake 3's superior rendering engine and networking code. Reaction Quake 3 IS NOT Action Quake 3!
This version adds new maps, a new user-interface, new models, graphical updates, the addition of Teamplay and replicated Action Quake 2 physics is included. The download is 150MB and available from here <http://www.reactionquake3.com/downloads.php>.