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15-06-2002, 09:17 PM
I am sick of people saying Xtra and Microsoft are crap.

I recently installed Linux Madrake and it stuffed (i was going to put another word) my computer. 15hrs later and the computer still doesn't work

I must not be the only person who gets quality service from the XTRA help desk - i get decent results first time every time

and who gives a damn about Microsoft's security flaws? I mean 1hr on the net and you've got a decent patch. No problem. Their OS is easy to use and very friendly - don't get me started on Linux


PS: this link will take you to a site where people reckon Linux has more security holes than Windows: http://www.linuxsux.com/read.html?postid=1944&replies=7

15-06-2002, 10:22 PM
As far as Microsoft goes, I think the majority of complaints are not against the software as such, but the perceived arrogance of the organisation, their way of doing business, registration hassles, not supplying original software disks with pre-loaded computers, not supporting or selling old software, yet denying the copying of out of date stuff.
Heavy handing the opposition eg Netscape. The list is endless.
Thats why there have been all these court action brought against them.

Having said all that, I like Win98 SE, no real complaints at all.

16-06-2002, 01:16 AM
Hi Matt,

I agree completely with your comments. I have even posted a similar thread to yours ages ago.

I have had first rate service from Telecom - that have exceeded my expectations everytime I deal with them. It amazes me the amount of people who ***** on this forum about other ISP's, but because Telecom is the biggest and most powerful in NZ, they are the big bad wolf...... I would be interested to know what % of their customers are unhappy compared to other ISP's

Same goes for Microsoft..... The only reason they get flamed is because they are so big and powerful. There is no way they would have got to their market position if they had an inferior product (everyone would go Apple)..... I think that the Microsoft help forums and updates are VERY impressive!

Its good to see someone else with your viewpoint on PressF1

Regards, ALAN

16-06-2002, 11:48 AM
Personally, I don't use XTRA as my ISP, but I would like to say some things about Apple.
Firstly, if you go to their website, you see this big half-page ad about some dumb American writer, Sarah Whistler. She is saying that she 'gave up her horrid little PC for a friendly and reliable Mac' and saying 'I would never go back'. I bet she is being paid money to be part of this advertising campaign. She probably also switched to Mac before Windows XP came out. If she had tried using Windows XP, I bet that she would be stunned at how much better it is than Mac OS X. Windows XP is extremely stable, looks good, and has great features that far exceed Macs.
What's more, with a PC, you can customise any part of it you like, unlike any Mac computer. If Sarah Whistler, or any other 'switcher' new the best of the technology you could get with a PC, they would know that a PC is far better than any crap Mac computer. 'Most Fortune 500 companies, governments and universities rely on UNIX for their mission-critical applications. And now, so can you.
', it says on the Mac website at http://www.apple.com/switch/whyswitch . They say that Mac is built on the stablility of UNIX. However, I would personally never buy a computer on which the OS is built on a console-operated system.
Maybe all the 'switchers' never experienced the stablility of Windows NT, 2000, or XP. Those versions of Windows are far more stable than Windows 9x and ME, designed for home users. The Apple site claims, in the top ten reasons to switch, that Macs are the missing link in digital photography, and are excellent for digital music and video too. I believe that they can support these claims, but they are wrong if they say that Macs are the best for digital video, photos, and music, because PCs can be too, it is just that these are optional 'extras' on the PC; some people don't want them built in to their computer.
Apple says that you can experience the hand-on-glove quality of a computer built by the same people who built the OS. This is probably true, but I would prefer the PC, because it has the widest range of software available. Not many games by major corporations are available to play on Macs, and there are far more software options in any category for the PC than there are for the Mac.
Now, I could have laced this whole comment with many many swear words to truly describe my hatred of the terrible, f***ing sh** quality of the stupid Mac computers. Except that would be a personal opinion, so it would not exactly be fair on Mac users.

Thank you for reading this.

16-06-2002, 05:48 PM
I didn,t read it--just scrolled straight to the bottom to see if there was something interesting down there.

17-06-2002, 01:12 AM
Hi Jeremy,
Exactly.... I have a friend in the Netherlands who I online chat with everyday. She has an iMac, her Son has a PC...... She bemoans everyday the lack of goodies you can get for an iMac - there are very few freebe downloads, a very spartan selection of mp3 download sites that support iMac etc, etc,,,, I could write a list that would fill a magazine. Thank god I didn't buy a Mac

17-06-2002, 03:12 AM
I installed SuSE Linux never had any trouble, I heard Mandrake use the latest and greatest untested, were as SuSE uses tested to work software.
All the same I wish all Linux people would work together They would do there cause a plus for their own good