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15-06-2002, 04:01 PM
Hello, all, thanks for past help.
Will someone please advise me how I shift a clipart *picture* to my email app.I want to use it as a background *watermark*. How do I shift the cursor in the OE new mail format? to place the clipart picture where I want it? I guess I can do it all in Word, but I'd like to do it as a straight email doc. Thanks, Bill.

15-06-2002, 04:43 PM
If this watermark picture is going to be used quite often why not make your own Stationery page?

Copy your picture into the Stationery folder (do a search for it) then in OE go to Message|New message using|Select Stationery|Create New and follow the Wizard.

Choose Browse and locate your picture then choose the settings to place it in the middle of the page, or wherever you want it.

Have a play around with the settings until you get what you want, then whenever you want to use this Stationery follow the previous instructions but this time choose the file that you created.

Have a go and if you get stuck, just yell out. :-)

15-06-2002, 11:05 PM
Hi Susan, I have had a go at this too and run into probs - i use XP, its the copying the picture into the stationary folder from Clip gallery i can't seem to get happening - even copy and paste doesn't work - somebody told me it is that they just won't work together - but there must be a way round - i am missing something simple i know it! - I am talking about M.S Clip gallery myself though, not the Clipart (which is probably quite easily done).
Any ideas on this one Susan ? - would be most appreciated! Thanks!