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15-06-2002, 02:43 PM
Running 98SE on a Pentium3, 450Mh with Adobe applications, Norton Ant-virus and Norton Utilities. Utilities keeps telling me that user resouces are low, sometimes with only two applications running and particularly if Adobe's Illustrator 8 is run. Is there any way I can increase the User Resource allocation?

15-06-2002, 11:18 PM
this might help...im not usre if u already done this...shut off or exit tsr(termiate stay resident) programs running in the background...like in ur system tray, exit some of the programs running in their...and another way is to press ctrl+alt+del key at the same to bring up the taskbar...so u choose which apps u can exit...btw u didnt mention how much ram u have? sdram nowadays are not to expensive,if u shop around..and system tray is those small little icons beside where the time is.

Jim Q.