View Full Version : two problems with Access - help please

14-06-2002, 02:41 PM
we use access for a membership database from which we generate a receipte showing name address date paid paid to and receipt number - we also generate a bank deposit list.

problem 1
In the first column of the main membershi[p table we have a symbol which is a plus sign in a square.When we click it it activates a recepit query.
a) hwo did it get there ?
b) how do we get rid of it

problem 2
We take a floppy copy of the database to transfer as scurity to another computer and also to have teh disk as secirity.
However after a number of entries have been modified or new ones added we have compact the database to get it on the floppy and we are nearing the end of that as the database is slowly expanding.
Compactiing is all very well but whrer is the garbage that it is accumulating stored so taht we can eliminate the files it is in ?

14-06-2002, 03:30 PM
The plus sign: this shows tables/queries that are related to the table you are looking at. For instance if you have a table 'Clients' and a table 'Jobs' that is related to the client table by client id, if you click the plus in a client row it will show all the jobs for the client. I don't know if you can suppress the display - I guess the only way to 'remove' it is to remove the relationship between the two tables.

The expanding database: This is a characteristic of many database products, not just Access. Whenever you make changes to the data, including deletions, the space used by the changed/deleted data is not automatically re-used, thus the need for regular compaction, which recovers the lost space. If you are running out of space on a floppy, perhaps you could use something like Winzip to compress the data further. As far as I know there is no other method for re-using the space.