View Full Version : Floppy disc and CD ROM not working; EMM386??:

18-07-1999, 07:54 PM
I wrote the other day about start-up problems with the SYSTEM.INI file and an NTKERN.VXD file, on my brother-in-law's Compaq Presario 4504(Win 95, Pentium 166MMX, 48MB RAM, 2.1GB H/D). Previously we couldn't get it to start in anything but safe mode. After some windows re-installations (from the CAB files)we managed to get the machine up and running (thanks to Brent P. and Peter V.).but with device driver problems with the floppy disc, display adaptor, and CD-ROM. We have since re-installing windows several times from the CAB files and this has cured the driver problems with the display adaptor.

The problem now is with the floppy disc and CD-ROM. No matter what we do, neither will work. Both show that the appropriate drivers are loaded and there are no conflicts. However, the floppy disc will not read floppy discs at all and instead asks you if you want to format the disc. The CD ROM goes (you can hear it running) but there is no control over it via the CD ROM icon.

Because we thought it might have been a problem with that windows installation we re-installed windows to a new directory. The previous problems we had with the system.ini file had gone completely but there is still no control over the floppy disc or CD ROM. Even a windows start-up floppy disc will not work.

The only other thing I have noticed with both windows installations is the warning (in DOS) on switch on:
'EMM386 not installed - Memory manager not present'.

Can anybody advise on what might be the problem? Could it be a virus (he has no anti-virus installed).I would like to get the flopy disc going and load an anti-virus programme to be sure.

I am also a bit confused about the changes needed to the Msdos.sys file so that, should we sort this problem out, how we get the computer to recognise the original windows installation. Are the following commands correct?

attrib c:\msdos.*-s-h-r
ren msdos.sys msdos.new
ren msdos.bak msdos.sys
ren msdos.new msdos.bak

I gave it a try and the response was that the msdos.sys file couldn't be found.

There also doesn't seem to be any obvious way to get into the BIOS so I haven't been able to do a memory check from there (Brent P. suggested this).

Any help would be appreciated so I can send my brother-in-laws computer home!

Darryl Lennane