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13-06-2002, 11:38 PM
Hello, Recently i lost a dll file for the defragmenter dure to a progame i had install, I managed to reinstalled it with my recovery cd.While I down load the lost file I lost my ie6. It went to ie5 but in the add/remove progames of the control panel it still show ie6. Try to repair it and a message came up saying setup wbv .dll was not working. Try to install ie6 off the internet mag cd but that did not work,and when Istarted it up again a short cut message came up on the desk top push OK on one message and the second saying setupwbv .dllfile was'nt working.OK. I delete the outlook express and downloaded the ie5.5 from Microsoft. The shortcut message is still there, but for the mean time I have taken the tick off the startup group in the MSCONFIG System folder. The breif message saying c:\windows\windows update setup\ie6setup.exe. THE big question is, CAN I reinstall ie6 or leave it as ie5.5, the only problem if it is a problem the RESUME WINDOWS UPDATE INSTALLATION with the untick box is it a problem when it is not starting up every time when the computer is turn on. I have windows ME and now ie5.5,thanks. Angus.