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13-06-2002, 06:30 PM

I have a PIII 450mhz machine which I want to stick antoher Hard Drive into as 6.4gig is full.

-Is 7200rpm drive any advantage if the mboard only supports udma33?

-will any new 5400rpm drive work?

-where can i get second hand drives, if anywhere, besides trade and exchange

Thankyou guys

13-06-2002, 07:11 PM
Your 450MHz P3 machine would be improved remarkably with a PCI bus card from 'Promise Technology'
(These are the best PCI HDD adapter cards - I've tried all the makes)
I've used both the earlier 33 to 66MHz(UDMA66) card, and the later 66 to 100MHz (UDMA100) card. (These become the new IDE BUS speeds)
Don't put a CD drive on these cards, as Max speed of a CD drive is 52x which is 33MHz bus speed, so you don't gain a thing.
Important Note: You need the 80 wire IDE cables for HDD off the Promise card to get full IDE new speeds. (Don't use the standard 40 wire).
And you can now (if you have the room inside the box, and power supply to match, and somewhere to fix the drives, connect 4 Drives total to the Promise card. (That's 4 extra drives total, if you want).
*****I see Promise Technology have a 133MHz(UDMA133) card now.
These can be purchased locally (in Auckland) I get mine from Compulink in Khyber Pass Road.
A bit of care is needed - follow the instructions very carefully.
Suggest you do then get at least 40GB 7200rpm IDE drive - it will really sing.
A 60 GB HDD will cost approx $25 dearer, and is a better investment if you can afford it).
Note that your Machine will say during boot up the Drive is SCSI, but don't be put off.
Email Promise Technology re your system, for their best advice.
Retain your old HDD as a second HDD, and copy contents of 'My Documents' into it, for cheap backup.

13-06-2002, 08:17 PM
Hi Karlan

Have a look here for hardrives and adapter cards (don't copy & paste the <...> at the ends of the addy)


or here if you want to compare new cost <http://www.pricespy.co.nz/>


Murray P

13-06-2002, 08:43 PM
Thanks guys thats a great help.

Im just wondering if a 40gig 7200rpm drive will do any better than a 40gig 5400rpm drive just as standard configuration with the udma33.

(using the better cable of course)

thanks heaps guys