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13-06-2002, 05:32 PM
I have an HP 4200 c scanner and I need a bit of help.THe scanner works as good as gold,but when I try to send the scan I have problems.I am trying to scan a column out of an 1870 newspaper, and I can't send it to Word 2000 or any other text program. It breaks up and the print sizes change. The only way I can save it is to send it as a picture to photoshop.But then The person I e-mail it to can't read it. Yesterday I scanned an A4 sized page and saved it as word document. But I couldn't edit it. the only way I could make it work was to send it to the printer and then scan it back into my computer. At least it looked better , but I still couldn'd edit it.
Is there any way to make the scanner do what I want instead of what it wants to do?

13-06-2002, 05:56 PM
A scanner scans things as a picture. OCR (Optical Character Recognition) software takes the picture and converts it into text - which can then be used by programs such as Word.

OCR programs vary in ability and features.

OCRs don't actually know which parts of the picture it is looking at are words, which parts are marks and which parts are pictures so it does it's best to convert everything - age marks and all - to text.

A 1870's newspaper is probably very hard for even the best OCRs to do much with although you can play with the resolution settings.

It is probably best to keep the scan as an image. Import it into Photoshop then save it as a .jpg (some photoshop programs you 'save as', others you 'save for web', others you 'export' it). JPGs can be read by anyone who can view pictures on web pages.

13-06-2002, 05:59 PM
What you are trying to do is a physical impossibility :-)

A document scanned as a picture will be basically in bit-map form unless you save it as a jpg etc.
The only way to edit scanned text is to use an Optical Character Recognition (OCR)program. You probably had a limited edition with your scanner software.


13-06-2002, 06:24 PM
I have found scanning newspapers to be a real exercise in patience and sometimes not worth it.

My scanner really struggles to read newsprint text, particularly oldish paper and gets a lot of it wrong. Having the full version of an OCR program does a better job I have read.

It helps a lot if you can block off, with a blank piece of paper, everything except one column (or select just one column) at a time when scanning.

I assume that you haven't forgotten to choose the OCR Text format before the scan like I've done myself once or twice?

14-06-2002, 12:22 PM
Hi Jack, This has nothing to do with your scanning problem. But as I am using an HP4200 scanner, I would like to ask if you are using XP?.There is no way I can get mine to work with XP, but no problem with Win98 on the other partition.
Have contacted HP and they sent out the latest disc, all to no avail. Would be interested to hear your or any other users experience.

14-06-2002, 01:39 PM
In reply to Ron's question.
As you have discovered the 4200 c will not work in XP with it's supplied drivers.
What I did, (and it works), was firstly remove the Original installation. Then go to www.hp.com and find the driver page for your scanner. Then download the program for windows 2000. Then go to the drivers for XP and download them.
Next install the 2000 program,reboot your comp and then install the XP patch. Reboot again and you should be in business.
I would say that the driver you got from HP was just the XP patch. It will not work on top of the 98 setup.
I was useing a beta version of xp for three months before the official release and there was no scanner update then, but I managed to get it to work with just the 2000 program.
Anyway I hope this helps.
Jack Gruschow.