View Full Version : Computer Slowing

13-06-2002, 12:33 PM
I have got a 733mhz Celeron, 128mb RAM, 20GB HDD, and Windows ME.....

When I am downloading music, I find it hard to open web pages and the computer is really slow ( I have a dial-up connection)

What is the recommended # of simultaneous downloads (I am doing 3 in - 3 out ) Should I try another browser, I have IE6

Thanks, ANDY

13-06-2002, 12:54 PM
2 songs down 1 uploading is enough your data pipeline is too small for much else unless you are willing to pay for cable which will free up your line and save logging in or getting cut off

13-06-2002, 01:14 PM
Thanks Gordon,

I have adjusted it - but I can't change the uploads to 1, as it has to be the same as the downloads (I use Audiogalaxy)