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13-06-2002, 01:47 AM
I just reinstalled Windows 98 and it is not detecting my modem anymore. i went to Cntr panel and Modems and selected detect but it cant find any. Its a PCI modem listed previously under the device manager as: Conexant HCF V90 56K data fax RTAD PCI Modem.

It also had one more device listed as: Conexant PCI Modem Enumerator. Both are not present under device manager after the new install.

Do i need correct driver first to get the modem going as it maybe a 'soft' modem.
There is one conflict showing on a PCI Audio device for which Windows cannot find the driver when it searches for one. Its got the yellow exclam mark. If its a PCI modem then i am not sure whether its IRQ problem or something else. Can someone help me here please. Thankx

13-06-2002, 03:18 AM
Hi there,

Ok the device showing up will be your modem....with win modems the Enumerator needs to be loaded first.

Windows 98 will most likely not have drivers for your modem......if you dont have them you can download the from here [http://drivers.on-line.net.nz/listing/page007.html]

Now go to the PCI Audio device right click it and go update driver...point it in the direction of the drivers you downloaded (you will need to extract them first, remember where you saved them to)....the rest should be pretty straight forward from there........

Any probs get back to me.......

13-06-2002, 05:49 PM
Thankxx Tazzie. Hope you get back here to read this as the message board is filling and my request is way down.

Anyways i did what you had said..except the link you gave me wasnt active...it always gives me 'page not found'...i tried all the zip files.

I went to Conexant site (http://www.conexant.com/customer/md_driverdownload.jsp) and got the Windows 98 HCF (by the way whats the diff in HCF and HSF drivers as is shown there)

well i removed the PCi from Device Mgr and rebooted and upon Windows finding new HW i pointed to the path. It found it fine and loaded the driver and i could see the HCF Enumerator and HCF Modem in Device Mgr.

But wheni configured to connect to Xtra and click connect i cant hear anything (the modem spkr is on ON position under modem config)

Nothing happens and after awhile i get mesg saying the modem is not responding the computer and asking me to turn of and on again)

So i cant hook onto net. i checked all settings..and plus under modem diagnostic...it reports that Modem is working fine when i go to Modem details. Its set to using COM3 but i cant see COM3 under comm ports in device mgr. is it got something to do with that???

Well i hope you can help me here. and one more thing is Xtras number: *52,,0503030 something like that it seems funny to see all that ,, and * in there. My previous number was set to this and it worked fine. Thankx