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12-06-2002, 05:02 PM
i recently backed up some files and then had to reboot. i got the message 'windows encountered an error acessing the registry. windows will repair the registry for you and restart the computer' On restart, i get the same message over and over,. i tried scanreg /fix and scanreg /restore and even system restore , but to no avail. it doesnt seem to stop me doing anything in the system, but obviously there is a prob,. can anyone suggest a fix.

12-06-2002, 06:49 PM
When you tried scanreg /restore, what was the date on the backup file you selected? It should have been the one made at boot the day you made your changes but if you booted a few times you might have saved corrupted registry backups.

In theory Windows only makes a backup the first time it boots each day and it only does that if scanreg is ticked on the startup menu (start/run, type msconfig/enter, select startup to check this).

If you don't have a good backup you might be in trouble. You could look in C:\ (the root) for system.1st which is a partial registry backup from the initial installation and restore from that but it will leave your computer missing registry settings for anything installed after the initial OS, which might be worse than your present problem. You would have to configure them all by hand.

If you decide to do this, reboot to Safe Mode Command Prompt Only.

At the prompt type:

attrib -r -h system.1st [enter]

cd\windows [enter]
attrib -r -h system.dat [enter]

copy \system.1st system.dat [enter]

attrib +r +h system.dat [enter]

cd\ [enter]

attrib +r +h system.1st [enter]

Reboot. This procedure takes you to the equivalent of a clean boot of windows

Start reconfiguring hardware & software

Good luck

Billy 8-{)