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12-06-2002, 12:46 AM
Is there anyone with the same modem as me having this problem?

Ever since I have had this modem I have been having intermittent problems. The problem is that occassionaly (sometimes 3/4 times a night)I lose connection. All the lights go out (except power) for a few seconds and then they slowly come back on and I resume surfing.

I have been monitoring when this occurs but cannot see any specific pattern. I have read that ni500 can be prone to do this if it gets hot but my problem can occur when I first turn it on in the morning.

I have checked with ISP (xtra) but they advise that this particular symptom points to the modem.

Is there some sort of setting that I need to adjust?


sam m

12-06-2002, 10:17 AM
Hi sam m

I have the same model modem. I took advantage of the Nokia modem/filter/installation bundle price, mainly because a couple of friends had encountered real problems in getting ADSL modems installed.

As it turned out, the official installer had worse problems getting the thing to work. He installed three modems (all Ni500) before he got one to work reliably. The middle one wouldn't work at all I seem to recall.

The techie told me the earlier case design had serious overheating problems, and my three were of the new improved design. It may be more than a coincidence that the two failures had the same batch number, and my current reliable modem was from a different batch.

I have heard that Nokia have now withdrawn this model, though I cannot confirm that with any reference to source.

I have not had exactly the same problem as you, but I have gone through a couple of periods when the modem has frequently lost connection during downloads. I confirmed that it was a lost connection to Telecom, because I was not able to connect to the mail server either after the download froze (I tried checking mail to see whether the problem was at my end or at the site where I was downloading).

This happened frequently at the end of May, beginning of June, but now seems to be resolved, so I suspect it was Telecom at fault rather than the modem.

This may not be much use to you, but it may help to know at least one person has had serious problems with this model of modem which may have been connected to quality issues in a particular batch.


12-06-2002, 07:27 PM
Hi Sam

I have Nokia Ni500 but don't have your problems. I had the earlier version first, which supposedly overheated but I never had any particular problem. I got Nokia to replace it when they announced that they would be doing that on demand and the replacement goes OK too.

There was a correspondent to F1 ages ago who had Ni500 connection problems but I think those related to spurious entries in his startup menu for programs that were no longer installed.

If the lights go out on your modem (apart from the power LED), to me that means that something is malfunctioning in the modem as these should stay alight even if the ADSL connection is lost.

Unfortunately Nokia have exited the modem market in NZ and I read that Tech Pacific were handling the Nokia run-out.

You can set up a log of your modem's activity using hyperterminal (Install from accessories via control panel of not already installed) but you will have to get the finer details from your modem manual. It communicates via the serial connection and you can leave it running in parallel with your ADSL connection.

You might need to take a look around the dsl forums on the net, other Nokia sites or do a Google search for more info on getting your modem to talk to hyperterminal, or on your light drop-out problem.

Alternatively, if you have the later version it should still be under guarantee as I bought one of the first Ni500s to arrive and if I hadn't exchanged it, the warranty would only just be running out.

If it is, take it back for replacement or your money back. Dynalink do a nice ADSL router/modem that would probably be just as good.


Billy 8-{)