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09-06-2002, 10:08 PM
I'm a full time student nearing the end of the semester and we've had some big problems with Microsoft XP word. A friend of mine has been cutting and pasting from various doucments to compile into one document. We had a 55 page document with a table of contents a few tables and mainly text and the file size ended up being 37.8 MB. Why is this so big and how can it be compacted? This is not normal.

Has anyone else had this trouble and how can it be fixed.

09-06-2002, 10:16 PM
Teena, Did you insert any pictures and if so what sort (file type) were they?. If not....???

I don't find a 40Mb Word file very large (quite small for me) But any way post back any other details you have and I guess the team or someone here can help.

Cheers, Babe.

09-06-2002, 10:21 PM
Check you don't have 'Fast Saves' enabled. This causes blowouts in file size (and often corruption in docs that are repeatedly worked over). Try 'Save As' another filename - this will create a 'clean file' smallest size that word is capable of.

09-06-2002, 10:26 PM

Just another thought if you have been doing a lage amount of cut/paste/edit etc tec....

try the following

Do a Save As of your word file to a new file name BUT use RTF (Rich Text Format) as the file type. Then close your documents/Word.

Now open the RTF file you just saved (if you know exactly where you saved it just double click on it) or from your Word file (pick from the last documents you edited) however you get it back open in Word once open save it back out using File Save As but this time save as a DOC (Word format) file.

Hope this makes sense I'm suffering from flu and not totally coordinated....

Post back any queries...

Cheers, Babe.

10-06-2002, 12:20 PM
No there's no pictures.

It's just that when you have a group of people and you email it to one another via xtra and you can be waiting for hours for it to send; unless it's zipped.

But I got you comments further down the page and that worked. Thanks for that.

10-06-2002, 05:17 PM
A standard Word file is bloated with all the formatting, font, printer etc data. Also, if you look at a Word file with a text editor you will see that its text is usually saved at least twice. If the info you are sending to the others is only draft copy I think you would find the file sizes would be drastically reduced if you sent them as Text Only or Rich Text Format (RTF) files - these formats are available if you use Save As and scroll down the File Type dialogue box. You may find it practical to send intermediate drafts in this way and perhaps a fully formatted end stage for final approval, if that is the type of system you are using.