View Full Version : Windows 98 freezes

12-07-1999, 10:40 PM
I am experienceing regular freezing with my new system. The supplier has replaced the ram, modem and soundcard, and now says the problem is software related. They have twice done a clean install of Windows 98. The last time the problem recurred before I had reinstalled any of the software that had been installed when the problem ocurred originally. It freezes anywhere within Windows or Office (97), but not in games. It is particularly unreliable in Outlook 97 and Explorer 4.0. I also contantly lose my internet connection with the message that the connection has been reset. When the system freezes I get no error message, and cannot do anything except hit the reset button. I am running a Pentium III 450, with 128 mb sdram, 8 mb Intel 740 AGP, Vibra 16 Souncard and 56k Connextant Voice modem.