View Full Version : Lost Fonts (from running Quick Clean on CD)

04-06-2002, 02:11 PM
Hi.. Installed & ran McAfee 'QuickClean', from the latest CD... 'Have lost all my fonts' (except the red iconed ones) went to 'fonts'> 'install new font'found the 'font file' > hit 'select all' > hit OK.. & got message saying the 5 M$ fonts in the folder needed to be deleted before the 'new' versions could be loaded, so went to them & hit delete, (which didn't work, thank God, or you wouldn't be reading this)The thing is, they're 'in the system' But they won't load up ! WHY?
Running Compaq 5726 Presario. 'Trouble Box'...Win98 with SE 'Update'..have 'Restore' CD & Update CD can't find the 'fonts folder (*.ttf) on 'Restore' CD & there's only a couple of fonts on the update CD, so, no luck there! I believe the whole thing can be done in DOS...Tried that, but keep getting 'bad command' all the time!
PLEASE, is there an easier way??
Have of course DELETED the bloody QuickClean program & have been using *very* bad language ever since!!
Regards to all...DUNK.