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04-06-2002, 09:27 AM
Hi, I am making my first foray into developing a simple ASP web page. On my win 98 machine I have installed PWS (the machine is not connected to a network). I have a default asp page in the WWWROOT directory. No matter what I do the cannot be loaded from IE. ASP.dll is on my machine. In PWS if I try to run the publishing wizard, or in IE if I try to navigate to my Asp I get an Internal Server error (500).

My machine dual boots to 2000 as well, and I get the same sort of problem with IIS which leads me to believe that I need to configure IE properly. Somehow I need to convince IE that localhost and ASP pages are legitimate?

Could someone please help ... I am sure there is a really simple solution but after several reinstalls of PWS and 2000 behaving pretty much as my 98 machine I am getting nowhere fast ...

Thanks a lot.

06-06-2002, 07:36 PM

I'm running a Win98,, PWS ASP 2.0 setup on my machine, with a whole host of pages from simple to fiendishly complex.

I'm not a complete geek with it yet, but here is how I set out getting my rig going.

Install MDAC 2.7 or greater - This is needed by ASP and PWS.

Install PWS.

Install IE (if you haven't already).

When you've got the pwstray icon sitting in the Systray, (where it should appear on startup all going well), double click it and head for the advanced tab.

For simplicity's sake (and not security's) I enabled directory browsing in order to see what was going on. Check the box to do so.

Next, create a virtual directory by clicking the 'Add' button. In the Directory field, browse to the folder containing your pages (anywhere is fine), and then give it the alias 'web' for example.

Next, to check everything is humming, go into IE, and type:


Where 'machine' is the name of your computer. You can get this name through going into PWS Manager and clicking/observing the link at the top of the 'Main' tab.

If that gives you a big blurb about M$, you're on the way. If not, post me what you get instead.

If all works well, you can then access your pages by typing:


Where machine is the name of your computer, and pagename.asp is the name of teh webpage you are trying to view.

If your pages don't display properly, you may need to set up a connection. You can do so in:

Start>Setting>control panel> ODBC Data Sources (32bit)>

Then set up a system DSN using the DSN name in your webpages. You'll presumable be using M$ Access, but if you're using something else, you'll need to specify the correct driver.

Hope that helps,


11-06-2002, 08:37 PM
Thanks for that. Infact it turned out that I needed a patch for MTS - their is a known bug with the install.

Your instructions are really helpfull nonetheless.