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03-06-2002, 10:05 PM
Orange Smoothie Productions <http://www.orangesmoothie.org/>has a new beta version 0.2 of OSP Tourney for Return to Castle Wolfenstein. The new release offers enhanced match mode play extensive in-game player and match statistics, a configurable voting system, remote admin ('Referee') capabilities, and more. go grab it from the link above

CS-Nation <http://csnation.counter-strike.net/> has posted a list of what will be fixed and changed by the upcoming version patch for Half-Life. Along with the changelist, they have also posted word that the update is currently expected to be released on June 12.

Toshiba has developed a DVD/DVD-R player that comes with a built-in 80GB hard drive. Here's some of the word on the new device:

Toshiba introduced the industry's first DVD player that combines the benefits of DVD-RAM and DVD-R recording with the time-shifting and assemble editing capabilities of an 80GB Hard Disc Drive (HDD). The Toshiba RD-X2 integrates a combination of advanced digital recording and high-resolution playback technologies into a single device, providing users with an unprecedented level of flexibility and utility. The Toshiba RD-X2 will be available in the fall at a suggested retail price of $1,499.00.
The introduction of the RD-X2 marks a revolutionary step in the progress of the DVD-Video format, allowing users to record and playback their favorite videos in stunning MPEG-2 digital video resolution. The unit's advanced time-shift capabilities and sheer immensity of HDD data space provides users with the lifestyle benefit of virtually unlimited recording of broadcast programming. In addition, a host of advanced title creation and program editing features lets users edit videos, home movies or other programs and create a customized video Library of recorded content.
Check out the full article here <http://www.cdrinfo.com/Sections/News/Details.asp?RelatedID=2358>.

A Matrix Reloaded Screensaver has been released. This ones a freeware openGL screen saver that shows back images from the Matrix movie, Matrix Reloaded and Matrix Revolutions sequels. Featuring photos of heroes and villians and the PC clock blended with the scrolling Matrix code. This one is a must have and is available here <http://www.winsquad.org/downloads/Matrix_Reloaded.exe>.

NASA has a training module online that you can work through to simulate what an astronaut would go through to prepare for a mission and if you complete all the modules, you get to launch a simulated space shuttle. If your into space and science go and check out the NASA Space Flight Simulator <http://www.jpl.nasa.gov/basics>.

Here's a new tip for Windows XP that takes advantage of XP's built-in ability to permanently overwrite all of the deleted data on a hard disk. This feature improves security by ensuring that even if an attacker gains complete physical control of your computer, they would be unable to recover previously-deleted data. Here's how you use cipher:
To overwrite deleted data on a volume by using Cipher.exe, use the /w switch with the cipher command. Use the following steps:
Quit all programs.

Click Start , click Run , type cmd , and then press ENTER.

Type cipher /w: driveletter :\ foldername , and then press ENTER. Specify the drive and the folder in which you want to overwrite the deleted data.
Data that is not allocated to files or folders will be overwritten. This permanently removes the data. This can take a long time if you are overwriting a large amount of space.
Typing cipher /?, at a command prompt, displays all the available switches.
You can read more about this feature in this <http://www.microsoft.com/WINDOWSXP/pro/techinfo/administration/recovery/DataProtection.doc> Word document and this <http://support.microsoft.com/view/tn.asp?kb=315672> Microsoft page.

Google Search tool version 2 has been released with new features. The tool is used if you search a lot of newsgroups posts, images, links, news and stocks in google and also supports windows XP themes. The tool itself minimizes to the system tray when not required. It will also search in 27 different languages, displays the results in any one of 66 available languages and it caters for 9 different search criteria. Check out a screenie here <http://www.frysianfools.com/ggsearch/Normallscreen.jpg> and download the tool here <http://www.frysianfools.com/ggsearch>.

KaZaa Tap version 1.1 has been released. KaZaa Tap is a utility that removes all advertising, speeds up searches, gives more results and takes out useless icons. Grab it here <http://www.coolshiz.com/> if you are a KaZaA user.

If you prefer to have a version of KaZaA with the ads and stuff already removed then you can grab KaZaa Lite version 1.7.1 which has been just released to bring it in line with the recently released full version. Go here <http://www.kazaalite.com/nuked/modules.php?op=modload&name=Downloads&file=index&req=viewdownloaddetails&lid=27&ttitle=Kazaalite_Version_1.7.1_English> for a download link.

A new version (1.6) of Front Line Force the Half-Life mod has been released with the following changes:
New versions of flf_sogem, flf_ebonysword, flf_toledo featuring gameplay and FPS improvements
Completely, 100% fixed player hitboxes
HUD revamp for flf_chion (S&D gameplay) care of SandHawk
HUD revamp for flf_sogem (Key Cap gameplay)
Weapon tweaks:
Auto-Shotgun damage & pellet count increased
UMP45, SAKO and MSG penetrate walls now
MSG damage up
SPAS12 and Auto-Shotgun will have their center pellet slightly off center if you?re running, even more off center if you're jumping
HK21 Rate of fire, accuracy, and damage increased
New class-based team icons
New 'dive' feature - hitting your prone key while running will execute a dive to the ground. At higher speeds you?ll take a little bit of damage on the way down, but some situations call for you to get down immediately
Prone/getting up delay decreased
You can now drop the capture key on Sogem ('dropkey')
Updated Shell graphics and console background c/o Aegis
Updated in-game Command Menu for new post 1.5 maps (Thanks Docano!)
Updated configuration scripts - FLF is now fully configurable from in-game using the HL launcher
Various bug fixes (stuck on map change, fadetoblack bug, etc)
Grab version 1.6 here <http://www.flfmod.com>.

Here's a bit of a warning from The Inquirer, stating that Aussie AMD CPUs may not be guaranteed. Here's what they are saying:
AMID ALLEGATIONS OF grey marketing and dodgy invoicing AMD fired a top Australian distributor last month and that has sparked a legal fight between it and the chip company, ARN Net reports. But it's also left down-under distie APD International with a staggering $1 million of AMD stock and that might not be covered be guarantees.
For the Full story head on over to Theinquirer.net <http://www.theinquirer.net/31050207.htm>.

CpuIdle version 5.9 is out over at Majorgeeks. If you don't know, CpuIdle lowers the CPU temperature and unlike normal power management CpuIdle is active all the time and works even when you're actively using your computer. grab it from the following links:
- CpuIdle 9x,ME <http://www.majorgeeks.com/article.php?sid=432>
- CpuIdle NT,2000,XP <http://www.majorgeeks.com/article.php?sid=433>

Trojan Remover 4.7.0 is out to aid in the removal of Trojan Horses when standard anti-virus software has either failed to detect the Trojan Horse or is unable to effectively eliminate it. Grab it here <http://www.simplysup.com/private/trj/trjsetup.exe>.

CuteFTP XP version Beta has been released. CuteFTP is probably the fastest, easiest and most releiable of the FTP transfer programs out there. This new beta has the following changes:
- New XP interface conforms to Microsoft Windows XP Design Guidelines for the most user-friendly interface available
- Dual-pane interface
- Faster startups
- Quicker connections to FTP servers
- Improved site navigation
- Logic Site Manager provides an easy way to store FTP site usernames, passwords and addresses with optional encryption
Click here <ftp://ftp.globalscape.com/pub/cuteftp/cute5032b.exe> to download.

WinISO 5.3 has been released for download. WinISO is a utility to convert CD-ROM image file format(s), and has the option to extract/edit image file directly. You can use it as a BIN to ISO Converter, a BIN Extractor, a ISO Extractor, a BIN Editor, or an ISO Editor. To Download visit go here <http://www.thedigitalresource.com/>.

3dfx 1.09 Beta4 Drivers for all OS's are out over at 3DFX Underground. The drivers support the Voodoo3, Voodoo4 and Voodoo5 video cards and have the following changes:
Many bugs have been fixed in all driver revisions, so we've decided to release a beta 4 revision of drivers for each supported operating system. These drivers should work on Voodoo3, Voodoo4, and Voodoo5 cards in all the supported operating systems. As usual, post bugs in the bug reports forum.
Get em here <http://nat.mine.nu:81/3dfx/> if you are still hanging on to that dinosaur of a card.

CDRWin 3.9A is out without word on the changes, but I am sure if you are regular user of this program, you will want to keep it up to date. Grab it here <ftp://ftp.cdarchive.com/pub/goldenhawk/download/cdr39a-e.exe> or here <http://www.goldenhawk.com/download_body.htm>.

Epox has released new BIOS files for it's 8KHAL/+ motherboards. Grab em from the following links:
- Epox 8KHAL: 8khl2529.exe <ftp://ftp.epox.com/support/motherboard/bios/8khl2529.exe> (229 KB)
- Epox 8KHAL+: 8khp2529.exe <ftp://ftp.epox.com/support/motherboard/bios/8khp2529.exe> (231 KB)

The DirectX 9 beta web downloader has been leaked to the net. This file will perform a net install of DX9 in much the same way as the old IE web installers. The file is 205kb, and the total download is normally 9mb or under. Grab it from the following links:
- Mirror 1 <http://www.hwsupport.com/download.php?filepath=DX/dxwebsetup.exe&language=en>
- Mirror 2 <http://has-t.hypermart.net/directx9beta1.cgi>
- Mirror 3 <http://powerforums.hypermart.net/directx9beta1.cgi>