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10-07-1999, 03:57 PM
I have just installed Norton Utilities and used it to do some cleaning up on my hard disc. All was going well until I tried to open a file in my CAD program, Turbocad. The file would not open and I got the message ?This program has performed an illegal operation and will close down.? I tried un-installing and re-installing but all with same result. Even deleting all traces of the program from the registry had no effect.
Details of the message are:
TCW50 caused an invalid page fault in
module TCW50.EXE at 0177:004e3479.
EAX=5f49242a CS=0177 EIP=004e3479 EFLGS=00010202
EBX=ffffffff SS=017f ESP=00a7f9b8 EBP=00a7f9b8
ECX=c7ec4d8b DS=017f ESI=00573df8 FS=4317
EDX=5f49242a ES=017f EDI=00573df8 GS=0000
Bytes at CS:EIP:
c7 82 9c 00 00 00 53 33 4e 00 5d c3 55 8b ec 51
Stack dump:
00a7fd78 004d6abf 78001103 010b00f8 0000006d bff7b9b6 81742050 00000020 780012b1 78037118 00a7fa18 7800138e 00000009 78001360 00573e88 00a7fb54

I suspect that Norton Utilities could be the culprit. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.