View Full Version : Laptops-Advice on purchasing one

10-07-1999, 12:25 AM
I am looking to purchase a laptop for no more than $4000. The more I ask around dealers the more confused I'm becoming. I have been told that: passive screens cause headaches if you use them for any length of time (20+mins), IBM are having many problems with their latest Thinkpads, Compaqs don't have a good reliability record, and Toshiba's are not user friendly. I need 4.8gb,32RAM (preferably 64)and would like 330+MHZ. It would be used as a second computer mainly for wordprocessing and Publisher 97. I was also told that if I want to use Publisher I will need 64 RAM. I haven't been able to find any testing on them in recent PC World's so some unbiased independent comment would be appreciated! Thanks!