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29-05-2002, 07:50 AM
Hi All, well I finally did it and have just finished my first web page, Its a basic... very basic guide for beginners and now its time for the acid test. I'd like your opinions please (be gentle) as to whether the info is esy enough to follow and understand and also other things I need to cover. I used the basic page builder from my ISP so it is not heavy on links or pictures but that will come with time.

29-05-2002, 08:12 AM
Hi There

As a whole the page isn't to bad. Things that would be good to ad and change, would be:

1. Have a contents at the top of the page, that when clicked on will jump down to that section. Having this would also give a summary of what is on the page.

2. Change the colour of the font. Black on Grey is not really the best, as it can be hard to read. Especially for those who are visually impared.

Other than that I think the page is good for a start.

You stated
'so it is not heavy on links or pictures but that will come with time.'

Never make your site heavy on pictures. It will slow the loading time down, and altamately push people away. For the site that you have now, you have enough images.

Now you need to get your site into the search engines, so that people will come to your page.

As a final note. You might want to visit my site that I made to cover similar things as you have.
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29-05-2002, 08:44 AM
Warning.. i am a harsh critic!

Bold fonts please!
Black on grey would be fine if the headings were bold. Otherwise it is a uninviting stream of text.

As i'm sure you know, people on the net don't actually give a flying preverbial about some site they stumble accross that doesn't obviously meet thier needs, hence the need to say some of what you offer real quick, and at or near the top.

This is a classic on where a contents at the top that forced the page to scroll down = the page when the veiwer clicked the 'MAINTENANCE' link.

Having said that, don't listen to me, i make awful webpages, check out www.something.net.nz the good bits are made by others, the lousy bits, by me!
www.millerton.co.nz &
www.theresa.net.nz are totally my work, view at own risk, but be warned, www.t is a musician friend trying to sell her stuff to the public/media.

29-05-2002, 09:42 AM
Don't ever ask for my opinion and expect me to be gentle - I am brutal.

You *didn't* ask for *my* opinion? Well, you didn't specifically exclude me, did you? ;-)

1. How many 'Dipsticks' own the page? Only one? Then change the title to 'Dipstick's' please.

2. I don't like your spinning globe, it has got nothing to do with your topic and is distracting. Pinch a PC (static) from somewhere.

3. I don't like the animated ghost or whatever it is at the bottom of the page, it's dreadful.

4. Like the others say, Contents are needed, preferably at the side of the page. You will need tables for that so a list at the top of the page will be OK for now.

5. Headings need to be bold.

6. I prefer paragraphs left-aligned for easier reading.

7. Please make your links into hyperlinks for people to click on to go to the page.

Apart from that you've done well. Like the others say, keep the graphics to a minimum. It's the content that is important, people don't want to be wowed by widgets.

Will read the content properly later but what I've read looks good enough to send people to :-)

Hope that didn't hurt too much...

29-05-2002, 10:14 AM
Hi there Dip.

Well I had a look at your web page and reckon it's not too bad at all. I must admit that the globe is distracting but there are many other simple graphics that you can use reather than the annimated gif ones. A definite plus is to always have the web addresses listed as hyperlinks. People don't want to have to copy and paste web addresses in. Apart from that it's ok.