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28-05-2002, 09:33 AM
Special thanks to Graham Lees for his help on Linux (for a newbie)

I would especially like to comment on his (and generally others) assistance and being willing to help without judging.

I've posted on a couple of other sites and been advised *check the manual* and other not so polite comments. Unhelpful when one finds the manual or help pages difficult to understand (anyone first trying Linux will understand this comment I believe)

I feel the F1 site is the best (ans safest) place to ask a question and no-one seems to put you down.

Thanks all

28-05-2002, 01:17 PM
I agree Shroeder. the RTFM mentality of Linux users has sprung from the large amount of people who do not bother to read anything first, but ask the same basic questions that are easily answered in a how-to.

However, this has caused something of an unintentional (and un-noticed by those doing it I think) disdain for newbies. Often when you read the manual it is written so you cannot understand it without reading another four or so to get the background, and in the end you have to read a weeeks worth of material to solve a problem which could be solved in a minute by a more experienced user.

(As an exagerated example, I shouldn't have to know how the kernel is designed, how th OS addresses hardware, and so on to getmy modem working. Basic knowledge of these things is needed to understand why it might not be working, but it seems that I am expected to be able to know all this before I deserve help.)

Many new PC users using the windows platform would do well to try Linux just to develop the skills of reading first before asking 'I can't defrag' type questions, but on the other hand, experienced Linux users could do well to follow people like Graham's lead and try to be as helpful as most Windows users appear to be.

G p