View Full Version : Slow connection to new ISP

27-05-2002, 06:58 PM
I have changed from ISP 1 to ISP 2 and whenever I wish to connect the first ISP's connection pops up and without realising key in the 2nd ISPs username and password and connection fails. How to remove the first ISPs name to prevent repetition of failures?

27-05-2002, 07:10 PM
Go into the My Computer. Then open up Dial-Up Networking. Then delete the connection that you don't want.


28-05-2002, 12:27 AM

You don't mention which OS you're using, but the problem might be that you still have the first ISP in your dial-up networking and also it is set to the default.

You can have more than one ISPs, but normally only one is set to be your default.

If you want to keep the first ISP connection (but change ISP2 to being your default) try this.

Go to My Computer and Dial up Networking.

Select ISP2's connection, right click and choose the 'Set as default' option. You might want to check it's properties to see that everything is correct.

If you don't want to keep ISP1's connection, simply delete it and make sure ISP2 is set to default.

I suppose this sounds quite confusing, but I hope it helps :)