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26-05-2002, 03:41 PM
Hi there

I have a floppy that has an important file on it. The disk has another file on it, which i can open & copy from, however, when i try and open or copy this file, 'cannot read from the source file or disk' error appears. Is there a program somewhere on the net that i can download that will rescue any undamaged parts of the file? and by-the-way, it is a .doc file


26-05-2002, 04:23 PM
First, write lock the disk. Even better, use a sharp object to remove the sliding write-protect shutter. (This is to stop any attemps to 'fix' the disk. That is almost always fatal).

That error message might mean that the directory is corrupted. So the file might be OK. The problem is to access it.

Norton's utility might work (the old version would if started with the '/m' option).

If you know someone with Linux, the 'dd' command works nicely to create an image of the disk on a HD, then make a copy on a good disk. You could then try (DOS) 'undelete' on the copy.

27-05-2002, 10:17 AM
Hello Derek,

I wrote thiis address down from another request here for this sort of thing.
Lookin:MSdos/diskutil Section
for badflpy4.zip,tracko.zip and drsi20.zip


27-05-2002, 11:40 PM
Graham Lees'suggestion to write protect the disc sounds good. Having done that it might be worth trying to make a copy of the disc with Diskcopy. Theoretically this will make an exact 'warts and all' copy, but I am sure I have read somewhere that this will sometimes repair damaged tracks. You can experiment with the new copy eg try Norton Utilities' Disk Doctor which attempts to read/ repair damaged data.

Another possibility, if you are familiar with NU's DiskEditor, is to use a DOS version of that (run from a bootup to DOS, not a DOS window) and go to the sectors where the file is written. You may then be able to locate the text parts and print them out using Printscreen. You would lose the formatting but at least recover the text.