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26-05-2002, 02:51 PM
Hi,I have recently upgraded to a second hand 8 Gb h/d with no bad areas.
I now -sometimes- get a message'cannot read last cluster on C drive'-press any key to continue- does this mean a fault on the h/d or is it software on C drive?

Second: When I defragged( weekly) I was told an error has stopped further progress and defrag will stop. I had to 'thorough 'scan C drive- found some errors(8000 odd bytes) supposedly repaired them as ordered then a notice came up:-'the cluster is either damaged or your system is not configered properly. Drive C may have to have Legal Blocking addressing enabled (LBA) to work or it may be marked in a non LBA partition- check your BIOS set up ability'

29-05-2002, 08:01 PM
LBA is Logical Block Addressing (not Legal Block) . LBA is a trick that computers use to keep track of what data is where on the disk. It replaced an older method (CHS) some years ago. If the computer you have installed the disk into is an older one, the BIOS may not be set to use LBA (auto disk detection doesn't always turn it on). You need to get into your BIOS (Be careful - be VERY careful) and check that the section on Hard Disk or HDD or whatever has LBA enabled .How you get to teh BIOS and where you go once in there depneds on teh model of computer you have - there are no set rules There is also a possibility that the disk may be too large for your BIOS - some older ones couldn't cope with 8GB. Usually you can set a jumper on the disk to cut it back - probably to 4GB . I assume that you are using WIndows 95 or later - older OS's might have problems with an 8GB disk

30-05-2002, 10:48 AM
Thank you Howard Sutton- I have been underinformed up to date- my computer skills must be only able to turn that switch or press that button- ( not true but it feels like it)
I have a P11 with 500 Mhz cpu 8 gb h/d on Win 98SE.Sometime after installing the 8 gb h/d from a 2.1 - I did my weekly defrag and was told about not being able to tread the last clusters on C drive. I thorough scanned and then the defrag completed. A week later a similar complaint was thrown at me.
GRaham Lees told me I should not have 'boot from LAN' enabled- which I corrected but I can't see how to enable the LBA in BIOS -AND this is what is throwing me- can you state in Kiwi english and idiomatic words how to make sure this is enabled- nothing I can see in BIOS even remotely says the words LBA.
One point (and is it connected) I was unable to read F1 replies dated yesterday - only the day before- but today I can read the latest- A friend had to e mail the replies to be able to start my improvements
effie C