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26-05-2002, 01:02 AM
Hi All, Interesting problem with a friends computer. She has a pentium 3 128mb ram and 12g HD and has a ton of free space and ram available. Running 98se.
The problem is since she downloaded Audio Galaxy her Internet Explorer has stopped acessing the net altogether. She can enter using netscape,MSN and others but all her IE will do is bring up the standard page/server error warning.
The Audio Galaxy also proved to be a bit of a bugger with not uninstalling through the add/remove programs and the same happened for the gator that came with it. We have since killed both and have run AdAware to ensure all is dead in the gator side of things. We then ran through all of her settings that I could think of in both control panel and IE. Even went as far as to update her IE to IE6 but still nothing.
Does anyone have any ideas please as this is getting frustrating.

26-05-2002, 12:07 PM
Not sure if this will fix your IE problem but your post focuses a bit on Audio Galaxy and Gator. I used regcleaner recently and found several Gator gremlins in there despite using adaware as well.I had removed audioglaxy about 4 months ago. Maybe some Gator stuff is hiding in there. I think I d/loaded regcleaner from downloads.com, but it might be on pcworld disc.

good luck

26-05-2002, 12:52 PM
Have had the same problems as above.I have found System Mechanic to be the best Reg cleaner I have tried.It`s on a PC World disk or at Iolo.com.I like it better than Nortons as it doesn`t infect your whole system.



26-05-2002, 01:04 PM
regcleaner can be found at www.jv16.org

also check the host file found in c:/windows i've seen a sharing prog change enties in the host file which can stuff things up if not uninstalled correctly.

27-05-2002, 08:57 AM
Thanks for the help guys, We tried AdAware and also regcleaner and finally system mechanic which all found and did things I have no idea about but seemed to help various bits and pieces but sadly still no go on the IE acessing the net. lol it seems there is truth to the 'hell hath no fury' statement and when I rang my friend to try something else she had already started a reformat and was muttering something down the phone at me about 'damn computer I'll show you' so I wisely inquired about the weather and let it go at that.
Thanks once again.