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24-05-2002, 10:13 PM
A Windows media Player re-encoded version of the DOOM III Legacy movie has been released. The movie is 78.2MB and uses a higher framerate for a better viewing experience. You can download the movie from FilePlanet <http://www.fileplanet.com/index.asp?file=88436>

Tron Sector <http://www.tron-sector.com/> has posted up the E3 teaser movie of TRON 2.0, the re-done 3D game based on the original Tron movie. The movie is 6.6MB in Windows Media Player format, and features a mix of gameplay sequences running for 50 seconds.

Activision has released the single-player demo for Soldier of Fortune II: Double Helix. The demo is 136.9MB that includes two levels, Columbian Jungle and Seaward Star. You can download the demo from the following links:
- FilePlanet <http://www.fileplanet.com/index.asp?file=88433>
FileFront <http://www.filefront.com/?file=16971>- 3D Gamers <http://www.3dgamers.com/games/soldierfortune2/>
- Fragland.net <http://www.fragland.net/?body=newsitem&nid=7844>

Gas Powered Games has released their beta patch for Dungeon Siege <http://www.dungeonsiege.com/beta_ds109b.shtml>, upgrading the game to version 1.09B. The patch is 252KB download.

TweakTown <http://www.tweaktown.com/> has done up a review of the Leadtek A250 Ti 4600 video card <http://www.tweaktown.com/document.php?dType=review&dId=265>, and given it a score of 9.5 out of 10. Check it out, I know it's at the top of my shopping list.

Reports are filtering through that KaZaA has decided to fold due to the cost of defending itself in court. Here's a clip from the SFGate report <http://sfgate.com/cgi-bin/article.cgi?file=/news/archive/2002/05/22/financial1929EDT0213.DTL>:
Kazaa, the company behind a popular file-swapping Web site, said it will fold because it cannot afford to defend itself against copyright infringement charges brought by the major studios and labels.

The Dutch company maintains it has not violated any copyright laws by enabling customers to copy and share music and movie files by computer. But Kazaa lawyers said Friday that the firm cannot afford to defend the charges.

'Plaintiffs have engaged in Rambo-style litigation,' Kazaa said in a court filing Friday, complaining that the studios and labels are using hardball legal tactics to squash it.

The collapse of Kazaa, however, is not expected to slow trading activity on the company's network, one of the most popular file-sharing sites in the world. Kazaa said it has sold the network to another firm that the music and film industry has not sued yet
As yet there has been no official announcement from the makers themselves.

A new version ( of CloneCD has been released. The new version has the following changes:
Improved Audio extraction speed with several drives.
License Agreement is now able to accept empty lines from Locale Editor.
Log Window is now faster and can hold more entries.
Progress Window shows estimated remaining times greater than 2 hours as 'Unknown'.
AWS could accidently become enabled in Japan/USA.
AWS state will be shown in Japan/USA (should always be off).
All default profiles tweaked for better performance.
Support for new writers added.
Allow RAW-DAO write simulation with newer Plextor drives.
Allow RAW-SAO with newer ACER/BENQ and ACCESSTEC/OPTORITE drives.
Open and Close Target is now Thread-Safe. Added API for SafeList handling.
Get it here <http://elby.ch/english/products/clone_cd/download.html>.

Asus have released some new BIOS files and a new Intel Chipset inf Driver for the following motherboards:
Asus Bios A7V333 1007 - 10 Beta
Asus Bios P4B-M 1003 - 03 Beta
Asus Bios P4B266-E 1002 Final (= 1002 - 002 Beta )
Asus LiveUpdate v3.29.12 for Win9x / NT4 / W2K / XP
Asus Bios P4B266 / P4B266-SE 1007 - 03 Beta
Asus Bios A7S333 1004 - 01 Beta
Asus Intel Chipset inf Driver v4.00.1011 for Win9x / NT4 / W2K / XP
Download Here <http://www.asuscom.de/support/techmain/technical.htm?ctn4>.

Still with ASUS and a new version of their PC Probe software has been released. This version is 2.16.08 and there is no word on what's new. Grab it here <ftp://ftp.asuscom.de/pub/ASUSCOM/UTIL/PC_Probe/probe21608.zip>.

GameSpot have posted an early preview <http://gamespot.com/gamespot/stories/news/0,10870,2867314,00.html> for the upcoming add-on pack from Activision for Return to Castle Wolfenstein.

SnagIt 6.1 has been released. Snagit capture and shares anything on your screen making it easy to:
Capture an exact copy of anything that appears on your screen
Apply edits and annotation
Send the screenshot directly to the printer, a file, an e-mail, or the web
The new version offers up the following new stuff:
Printer Capture
Extended Window Capture for XP
Web Thumbnail Creator
Wallpaper Output
Extended Keyboard Support
Grab it here <http://www.getafile.com/cgi-bin/merlot/get/techsmith/snagit.exe>.

If you don't want KaZaA Lite or can't wait for the new version to be released, you can try a program called KaZaA Rebound, which will help you remove all the spyware automatically from the full version. A patch is already out for Kazaa 1.7 and it is compatible with all versions of Kazaa as well as upgrading an existing Kazaa Rebound installation. Go here <http://rebound.oursmallworld.org> to download the program.

X-Bit Labs <http://www.xbitlabs.com/> have experimented with an AthlonXP to see if it would work on a 333MHz FSB. For the test they used the MSI KT3 Ultra-ARU and an unlocked Athlon XP 2000+ CPU. They compared this against a Pentium 4 2.4GHz CPU and came up with some interesting results. Here's the conclusion if you don't want to read the whole thing:
So, we saw that the performance can be improved significantly by simply increasing the bus frequency of Athlon XP processors. When we switch from 133MHz FSB to 166MHz FSB (with DDR333 memory used) the performance gain makes 7%-15%. It's a pity that AMD will never take advantage of this opportunity. And it could be of real help especially taking into account that the competition between AMD and Intel has got even tenser after Intel had introduced 533MHz bus.
However, no one can prevent hardware enthusiasts from getting their FSB to work at 166MHz, even without AMD's assistance. In this case they will need DDR333 memory, high-quality mainboard based on VIA KT333 and AMD Athlon XP processors with an unlocked clock frequency multiplier.
For those that do want to read the whole test and find out a little bit on why AMD isn't moving to the faster FSB, go here <http://www.xbitlabs.com/cpu/athlonxp-166/>.

TweakXP 1.32 has been released with the following new features:
New feature: a couple of new Outlook XP tweaks optimized CPU speed detection (System Information feature) some changes to the Outlook Security tweaks page several internal changes and improvements improved system tray 'Open Tweak-XP' feature updated language and help files updated and improved Popup Blocker list.
Go here <http://www.totalidea.de/cgi-bin/dlpal.pl?id=1665> for the download.

Found this over at Slashdot <http://slashdot.org/article.pl?sid=02/05/22/1719208>:
An international team has set a new record for Internet performance by transferring the equivalent of an entire compact disc's contents across more than 7608 miles (12,272 km) of network in 13 seconds. The rate of 401 megabits per second achieved in transferring 625 megabytes of data from Fairbanks, Alaska to Amsterdam in the Netherlands is over 8000 times greater than the fastest dial-up modem.

The record-setting team consisted of the University of Alaska at Fairbanks; the Faculty of Science of the University of Amsterdam and SURFnet, the national computer network for higher education and research in the Netherlands. On both ends standard PC-like hardware running Debian GNU/Linux was used.

With an internet connection of this size transferring six CDs from Fairbanks to Amsterdam would only take 78 seconds.

'This shows that geography is no barrier to advanced network applications,' said Kerry Digou, the systems programmer who headed the University of Alaska team. 'Using standard equipment and infrastructure developed in the Internet2 community, we've pushed the boundaries to the edges.'
You can view the official announcement by Debian here <http://www.debian.org/News/2002/20020522> and look at the record here <http://archives.internet2.edu/guest/archives/I2-NEWS/log200205/msg00003.html>.

Hardware reviews:
ABIT AT7 Max Motherboard on Legion Hardware <http://www.legionhardware.com/html/doc.php?id=174>.
ABIT IT7-Max Motherboard on [H]ardOCP <http://www.hardocp.com/article.html?art=Mjkz>.
Altec Lansing ADA890 Speakers on BlargOC <http://www.blargoc.co.uk/reviews/alteclansingada890/>.
DFI's NB70-SC Motherboard on The Tech Report <http://tech-report.com/reviews/2002q2/dfi-nb70sc/index.x?pg=1>.
Gainward Ti4200 Video Card on [H]ardOCP <http://hardocp.com/article.html?art=MjkyLDE=>.
GlobalWin YCC-61F1-B Case on BurnOutPc <http://www.burnoutpc.com/modules.php?name=Sections&sop=viewarticle&artid=53>.
Intel 845G Chipset on BlueSmoke <http://www.bluesmoke.net/viewArticle.cgi?id=r54>.
Intel P4 Northwood 2.4 GHz CPU on HyTek Computer <http://www.hytekcomputer.com/Reviews/intel/northwood_533/1.shtml>.
Leadtek A250 Ultra GF4 Ti4600 Video Cards on TweakTown <http://www.tweaktown.com/document.php?dType=review&dId=265>.
MSI 850 Pro5 Pentium 4 Motherboard on PC STATS <http://www.pcstats.com/articleview.cfm?articleID=1102>.
XoXide C-6 Black Hawk Case on VR-Zone Hardware <http://www.vr-zone.com/reviews/cases/Xoxide/C6/>.

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