View Full Version : pgp & XP

24-05-2002, 09:33 PM
I recently tried loading pgp ( the free encryption software ) on
to my new P4 2.0gb system running
XP home & XP office pro,the result was in a word disaster.The
computer spent several days back at the store being restored.Pgp was the only download put so it
is to blame.Does anyone out there
know why pgp seems to attack XP?
This has also happened to two
friends of mine with similar new
systems.I have searched the net but so far no info on this.
Is pgp compatible with XP?

25-05-2002, 07:51 AM
I have just visited the PGP site, they have a number of download links for various windows OS's and others, XP is not mentioned.


A further search at the link above I think you will find that development of PGP has been stopped and is therefore not available for winXP.

We use a program called scramdisk which creates a virtual drive within your h/drive, has 128bit blowfish encryption, etc. We use a older version but if you do a search at google.com you should be able to find the home site, though they might be under a different name now.