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24-05-2002, 07:58 PM
I would love some feedback on the auto update feature and weather or not people think it is better to auto update or just do it manually (all updates including driver ones).I am still learning about drivers - what is peoples opinion on updating drivers if they appear to be working fine (i say this because i often hear of people getting the latest drivers and having subsequent probs.)e.g at the moment there are 3 new drivers showing, one for the AMD K7 processor - one for the C-Media driver and one for my epson printer, should i get these if everything seems fine? And same goes for when i check the critical and XP updates - should i download the updates if they are not things i have probs with (like if it was on auto it would wouldn't it?) And should i always do the critical updates for say IE which i use? My understanding re drivers is basically they translate instructions to make the devices work,is that right? And if so if things are already working well should i update - will they work faster or better?
Any imfo etc would be appreciated, as i have said, i am still learning in certain areas. Thanks

24-05-2002, 08:05 PM

I'd have to say that in most cases an updated driver means improved performance (whether noticable or not). I've never had a problem of an updated driver causing problems, except where the driver wasn't the right one for my hardware (my own fault, not the fault of my system).

My Win XP autoupdates. I've never had a problem with it autoupdating, and I'd rather it do this than miss out on security patches etc. I do have it set to tell me when there's a new update, however, and I can either tell it to download and install then, or wait til another time, or just download and I'll install later. This gives me a little control, but means I don't have to go and check the windowsupdate site every week to see if there are new updates.

I would recommend driver updates as their generally designed to make your hardware/system run better.


24-05-2002, 11:25 PM
Thanks Mike - I think i will set it up to let me know like you - actually the main reason i asked is that in the 6 months we have had the new comp. it has been back to the shop 3 times and each time had to be totally reset again - all seems to be running well (touch wood!) now.
Anyway the tech said that one of the updates could have been the cause and not to do the auto updates? Personally i can't make sense of that, (as i thought they were important)and want to keep it updated, but thought best not in case it causes a prob again, i used to have it set to auto update but haven't this time around because of what the tech said. And after thinking on it wondered about the importance of new drivers if they were available too, and the thought of not doing the security patches has been a bit of a worry, as i always thought it was better safe than sorry!! Anyway thanks Mike you always have some good advice for me! And i am going to download those latest drivers.