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24-05-2002, 01:09 PM
I have been trying to solve a problem with Outlook Express 5 on my wife's PC. When the Send and Receive button is clicked, a long widow appears, titled 'Outlook Express' and with a tray icon near its left end. Then there is a *long wait* ? typically about 30 seconds, before the Dial-up Connection window pops up. During this wait, neither the Hide nor the Cancel buttons in the Outlook Express window respond to mouse clicks.

The problem started recently, after I had upgraded Internet Explorer 5.5 from SP1 to SP2 (downloaded from the Microsoft site). I did this to allow a patch to be applied as suggested in PC World 'Buggy Briefs' of March 2002, page20. The patch I downloaded (Q313675) could only be applied to SP2. I have since added later patches (Q316059 and Q319182) as suggested in PCW pages 22 and 51, but these have not helped.

I suspect that some setting has been changed when I upgraded to SP2, but I cannot find what it is.
When IE 5.5 is started, the Dial-up Connection window pops up within 5 seconds, so the fault doesn't seem to be there. I have re-run the Internet Connection Wizard and even uninstalled Outlook Express and re-installed it, without there being any change in the long wait. On my own PC, I also upgraded Outlook Express 5 to SP2 and added the same patches and it has only 3 seconds wait from clicking Send and Receive until the Dial-up Connection window pops up.

If anyone has a suggestion as to what to try, we would be pleased to read it.

John Caughley, Carterton

24-05-2002, 01:44 PM
Try upgrading to IE 6
The most likely cause of the wait is due to outlook 5 having one if it's Dynamic Link Libraries not working so well, or is an older version that is conflicting with your SP2 version.
So an upgrade to outlook 6 might overwrite that file and fix everything up.
Also IE 5.5 is more prone to virus attacks, so upgrading would be protecting yourself also

24-05-2002, 05:48 PM
We were having the same problem lately.
We have not upgraded IE; are still using 5.1.
I thought it might have something to do with our proxy, proxomitron. Or the settings there of.
However, we have overcome the problem by starting the internet connection before we load the OE page.
We find there is then no delay.

Bye for now, Antonia.