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21-05-2002, 02:57 PM
I keep getting mail from this co. called DOTCOM.DOLLARS....I block messages without opening them but they are addressed with a different name each time but all from this...?????@dotcomdollars.com.
How can I block anything coming from this place other than doing what I am already doing?

21-05-2002, 03:15 PM
Make a rule that blocks emails that contain DOTCOM.DOLLARS in the from address.

The steps to do this differ for the program or mail service you use, so if you need further help, make another post...


21-05-2002, 03:46 PM
Thanks Craig...learnt something new today! ...terrific!

21-05-2002, 06:03 PM
Not a problem if you are using Outlook Express. They can change the address from freecar@dotcomdollars today to freemoney@dotcomdollars tomorrow.

Just follow the steps below but in the window with the blocked address, right click and fill in the ADD field of the pop up window with @dotcomdollars which will result in that address being blocked regardless of what they make the front portion. Note that you need to include the @ as part of the ADD field.


If you are using Outlook Express you can set up rules, one of them is Delete from Server.
Highlight the offending message, Click on Message - Create Rule From Message - that will open a box with three windows, the first window is ticked by default Where The Sender Is - go to the second window and tick Delete from Server - now the fun begins, in the third window is the senders address. If the address is yahoo, xtra, mailcity, or any other common web based mail, then just Ok the rule. If the address ends in something such as grouplotto.com or adultmail.com, then you can create a additional rule to further block mail from that site even if they change the first part of the address from freecar to freemoney. Place your mouse over the address, single right click the address, that will bring up a extra window, in the ADD line type in the address from and including the @, so for example type in @grouplotto.com and that will block other messages from that site as well. If you were to apply this to addresses for sites ending in yahoo for example, then you would also block all good senders from yahoo as well.

22-05-2002, 09:01 AM

Thanks for your help. Craig also helped last night but I had to do another one this morning and with your help I didn't fumble and it clarified what I had done last night.....I did it!!! Roll on the junk mail! :):):)
Learning is the key! TY TY TY