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21-05-2002, 01:19 PM
Hi,Whenever I want to listen to music on rtvnh.nl I get this message:pnm://ranger7.9-art.nl:554/encoder/bladibla.ra
And when I watch tvnh.nl after
10 minutes the program stops and goes down from 100% to 50%
and it comes back very noisely
and with a tinny sound and blurred picture. Why is this,
what is wrong, if so, can it be fixed? Thank you.

21-05-2002, 02:23 PM
Hi Helen

Cant help much with the radio error as it may even be a problem with realplayer (.ra file) and may require that you download the later version player? - just guessing - , but it would seem that you tv problem has already been recognised by you, in that you note it drops from 100% to 50%.
That would indicate that your internet speed is too slow to support the higher quality, so it automatically goes to a lower quality (and hence can use lower speed lines). The poorer quality result is what you describe.

You dont say what type of internet connection you have but if it is a 'dial-up' then you are lucky to even get streaming video across it reliably, even at the low quality.

If you have a high speed broadband (Jetstream) connection it should work OK, but even basic Jetstart could suffer at times.


21-05-2002, 03:47 PM
Hi Helen -

Further to the last post, when you see the 100% going down to 50% and then back up again, what is happening is that the real player is trying to 'pre-fetch' and cache the content so it can deliver streaming video to you.

Unfortunately - as the last poster correctly pointed out - your chances of getting streaming video working on a dial-up connection are slim to non-existent. Even on a high-speed connection often you will get this sort of result - it can depend upon a whole variety of factors including the path that the traffic has to take between the Netherlands and here.

Also, with respect to the first part of your message (that you get the foolowing messaage):


.. what that is telling you is that your browser (or actually more to the point your Real Audio plug-in or Real Audio player) is attempting to download the file at that address (namely 'bladibla.ra' which is a real audio file. All the rest of the information has to do with what server it is coming from, and what protocol (in this case pnm://) it is using to receive the file and other sundry information (what port number to use) all of which has to do with the technology used by Real Audio, and some underlying stuff to do with how traffic on the internet is delivered from host-to-host.

However in short, that message isn't an error message. If the file/audio stream is not playing properly in Real Audio, then it is again possibly because your connection is too slow. ANother thing you could do is make sure that you have the most recent version of the Real Audio player.

Hope this helps.


Mark Evans