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21-05-2002, 08:24 AM
Hey all,

Just a few questions... I have bought this graphics card, but upon
closer inspection, it doesn't have an 's-video' out function.... the
computer store guy told me that some cards did, and some didn't and it
was only the deluxe option of the card which has the 's-video out'
already available.

Now in order to get s-video, I will have to buy a product called
'TV-View PC to TV Converter' to get this function which basically
costs the difference between a Ti 4600 and a Ti 4400.... Is there a
loss in quality going from the DV-I Dual Link output into this TV-View
PC to TV Converter, and then going from 's-video out' on the converter
to the 's-video in' of my TV?? Btw, in buying this product, I am told
that I will not be able to have separate images on my tv and
monitor... ie., I can't have a dvd playing onto my tv through my comp,
while working on it at the same time... Apparently the product only
duplicates whatever image is on your computer monitor...

Should I ask them to replace the card with the other Ti4400 card which
has s-video out already available? Does it drain my resources to play
a DVD through s-video out onto my tv, while multi-tasking (surfing the
net, etc) and doing stuff on my desktop monitor? They say I shouldn't
really multi-task as it is quite draining on my system resources...

Are they telling me the WHOLE truth or just partial truths?? Some help
would be appreciated as I don't want to pay for another product if I
can stop it.



21-05-2002, 08:50 AM
i would believe so .. since u are hindering via a risk of more barriers.

as simplicity why doh u just exchange it for the other card. why have a device extra to carry?? although it can be used with other PC/notebooks.


21-05-2002, 10:45 PM
I have that type of card with VGA & s-vhs and it shows different desktops seperately ie, DVD on tv and net on the monitor, by dragging between the two(extended desktop). Don't know about the PC view card - but sounds good, because I have tried to get both screens to show the same thing.

I'd get the upgraded version if possible.

Games on TV are quite hard on the eyes.