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21-05-2002, 01:31 AM
Here's a couple of Windows XP tweaks from the master of tweak Shadow. These tweaks are all about improving mouse performance in XP. So without further ado, read on:
A lot of people have complained about the response and smoothness of the mouse in Windows XP. It appears that XP has it's own acceleration enabled in the Registry. It seems that even without pointer precision disabled, the mouse under XP is still influenced by an acceleration curve. This is especially noticeable in games. Below is the manual fix for it if you like to manually edit your registry, but if not, I have done it for you and exported the registry. If people aren't confident about editing the registry all they have to do is double click on the Mouse Modified reg file <Mouse.zip> to install it and if they want to put it back the way it was simply double click on the Mouse Original reg file. Of course, a reboot is necessary after installation to take affect.
Permanent Acceleration Fix Manual Instructions
To completely remove mouse acceleration from XP, you will need to go into the registry and adjust the SmoothmouseXYCurve values.
Navigate to 'HKEY_CURRENT_USER',
Select control panel
Select mouse
Right clicking, modify the SmoothMouseXCurve and SmoothMouseYCurve hexidecimal values to the following:

They couldn't avoid it forever, and now it looks like paid content will be invading the KaZaA file-swapping network. Yesterday US time a commercial test of KaZaA began with users beginning to see links to songs for sale from record labels and advertisements linked to keyword searches as well as all your normal free peer-to-peer search results.

You can read more over at CNet <http://news.com.com/2100-1023-917348.html?tag=fd_top>.

Some unconfirmed specs for the nVidia NV30 chipset have been posted by 3D Chipset <http://www.3dchipset.com/> on the x3dfx Forum <http://pub43.ezboard.com/bx3dfx>. Here are what they say the chip will do:
73 million transistors;
0.13micron manufacturing technology;
450MHz chip clock frequency;
External T&L unit and TT&L unit (True Time and Lighting) implemented in a companion chip (supposedly working at 450MHz);
8 rendering pipelines (about the same amount of pipelines is expected to be implemented in ATI R300);
4 TMUs per pipeline capable of laying up to 8 textures in a single pass (loopback);
4 Vertex Shaders units;
2 Pixel Shaders units;
256bit memory access;
Up to 750MHz DDR memory working frequency;
Quad cache for vertex, primitive and pixel textures;
Dual (dounble-level, like Hyper-Z?) Z-Buffer for better lossless data compression;
12nvx ? new anisotropic filtering mode (12x4=48, 48 texture samples?);
NVAutoShaper prediction unit also responsible for preliminary saving of data samples in caches, which allows operating the data location manually;
NvBlur: API Glide compatibility;
DirectX9.x compatible;
OpenGL 2.0 support.
These are strictly RUMOURED specs only and should be treated as such

AMD is set to announce and release the new Athlon XP based 0.13micton desktop thoroughbred core on June 10. The new core with start at 2200+ working at 1800MHz core clock frequency, and a couple of slower Thoroughbred models coming to replace the already existing Athlon XP CPUs on 0.18micron Palomino core. These are the 1700+, 1800+, 1900+, 2000+ and 2100+. The CPUs on Thoroughbred core have no architectural differences to the Palomino core processors, except finer manufacturing technology and smaller die size. L2 cache and bus frequency will remain the same at 256KB and 266MHz. Also the use of new processor die will allow reducing the Vcore of AMD Athlon XP processors. Thoroughbred based CPUs rates as 1700+, 1800+ and 1900+ will require 1.5V, while those rated as 2000+ and 2100+ - 1.6V. The fastest Athlon XP model with 2200+ rating will work at 1.65V core voltage

Here's something for all the Dilbert fans, all this week, Google will be featuring sketches of Dilbert on its homepage at www.google.com <http://www.google.com>. Dilbert will appear in a daily sketch with his cartoon office mates as they attempt to redesign the Google logo. Here's what Scott Adams had to say about the weeks sketches:
'This partnership exceeded my wildest dreams,'' said Adams. 'I hoped I would get a free Google shirt, and I got three of them -- plus a mug.''
The Google logo however, will not change despite what Dilbert and his crew come up with. The purpose is to be fun and have some spontaneity.

Over the last couple of weeks people may have received an email advising you to delete a valid Windows file called JDBGMGR.EXE, this according to Microsoft is a hoax and under no circumstances should it be deleted. Here's more:
Virus Hoax: Microsoft Debugger Registrar for Java (Jdbgmgr.exe) Is Not a Virus (Q322993)
There is a virus hoax that advises customers to delete a valid Windows file that is named Jdbgmgr.exe. This file is the Microsoft Debugger Registrar for Java. If you receive the e-mail message that is listed in the 'More Information' section of this article, delete the e-mail message and do not forward it to others. Although this file may become infected with a virus, its presence is not an indication of a virus infection.
More information on the hoax can be found here <http://support.microsoft.com/default.aspx?scid=kb;en-us;Q322993&>.

A new version of GeForce Tweak Utility (version 3.2 t33) has just been released. There is no word on the changes as yet, but the new version can be downloaded here <http://www.guru3d.com/geforcetweakutility/index4.shtml>.

Roxio has released an update for Easy CD Creator 5.xx Basic. This new patch adds support for more drives and contains a few other random fixes. According to Plextor, this version of Easy CD Creator should also add support for their VariRec technology. Grab it here <http://softwareupdates.roxio.com/gm/Products/en/ECDC/v53/basic/ecdc_v5.3_basic.exe> and read more info here <http://support.roxio.com/roxio_support/ecdc/ecdc_basic_xp_updt53.html>.

Cnet <http://home.cnet.com> has posted an article titled Windows XP 6 Months Later <http://home.cnet.com/software/0-6688749-8-9854920-1.html?tag=st.cn.sr1.ssr.>, a look at how the new OS has measured up. Here is a grab from the article:
Is Windows XP meeting your expectations or causing more exasperation than you bargained for?

Microsoft's latest operating system just turned six months old, and most would say that it's neither a failure nor a raging success. While XP promised the latest and greatest multimedia, security, and ease-of-use features available, many users have not yet upgraded, fearing the hefty system requirements and potential compatibility disasters inherent in a major OS upgrade.

At the end of the day, some 17 million of us chose the XP route. Did we really get what we paid (quite a lot) for? Is XP really more stable and more secure? Does it support all of our hardware and software? Does it really have cool, new features we can't live without? In honor of its half anniversary, we checked in on XP to see what major issues linger, if any, and what features you might be missing.
The article includes subjects titled, The system requirements swamp, Oh, driver, my driver, Service pack, anyone?, The help you need, Programs to watch out for and The bugs crawl in. So hop on over and have a look. Does the OS measure up for you ?

I just picked this up over at Whirlpool. It's destined to put fear into the hearts of all Optus Cable users:
Today is the day that many OptusNet Cable subscribers hoped would never come. According to reports from The Age <http://www.theage.com.au/articles/2002/05/19/1021801637639.html>, SMH <http://www.smh.com.au/articles/2002/05/19/1021801640547.html> and Australian IT <http://australianit.news.com.au/articles/0,7204,4352366^15306^^nbv^,00.html>, and confirmed by Whirlpool directly with Optus, NetStats will be phased out on July 1 and 'soft limits' will be placed on the OptusNet Cable service. If the user goes over this limit, the speed of their service will be capped to around 28.8k. Uploads will not be counted.

An Optus Public Affairs spokeswoman said Optus planned to make a full announcement to customers this week with more details.

The plans for Optus Choices subscribers will be as follows:
550MB - $54.95
3GB - $69.95
5GB - $134.95
10GB - $265.95
No information is available regarding non-Choices prices, but past experience shows that it could be in the order of $5 more per month. Existing contracts will be honoured and they will be able to continue using NetStats until the end of their term (the average user will most likely take a dive after 1 July though).

Still unknown is whether there will be 'free sites' where downloads won't be counted, such as game servers
Can you say cop out.

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