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19-05-2002, 05:28 PM
Sunday, 19 May 2002, 05:13:29:p.m.

Can someone help with the following problem.
I have Netscape 4.79 running on my Pentium 3,
(Windows 98SE, 128 Meg RAM).
I also have a 1999 Encyclopedia Brittanica
CD ROM that requires Netscape to display it's
extensive contents.

It will not run with Netscape 4.79, so I
installed the Netscape 4.03 that was also on
the Brittanica CD ROM and it then ran
completely OK and invoked netscape 4.03.

(The Brittanice CD ROM installs an icon on the
desktop that invokes Netscape).

The problem was when I turned off the computer
and later restarted it, that now when I ran the
Brittanica icon, that it invoked a popup
'Profile Manager'. This displayed the profile
I already had with 4.79 and the new one I set
up for 4.03.

But both invoked 4.79. The result was that the
Brittanica CD ROM was not accessed at all.

NB Netscape 4.03 is in a folder of its own, with
its own icon and can be used to access the web OK.
But even from this icon it will not invoke the
program on my hard drive that in turn accesses
the CD ROM. So I cannot 'cheat' that way.

Can anyone help me, perhaps to somehow edit the
Netscape Profile Manager so that under the profile
it derived from 4.03 that it then invokes 4.03.
I suspect all will work then??

Best regards and hope someone can help.

Peter Mundy

19-05-2002, 07:43 PM
Hi Peter,

By default Netscape will ask which profile to use if more than one profile exists. However, the shortcut used to launch Netscape can be modified to specify a profile.

Right click the shortcut used to launch Netscape, click the shortcut tab and add -P'profilename' (uppercase 'P' is required) to the target. For example, to launch netscape using the profile called 'user1' the command would read 'C:\Program Files\Netscape\Program\netscape.exe' -P'user1'. Repeat this using the other shortcut and the alternate profile.