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19-05-2002, 05:24 PM
Can someone tell me how to create a rule to filter out any email coming to me with a number in the email address. ie george121@somewhere.com.

Like a lot of people i want to reduce the spam in my inbox. Help please!!

19-05-2002, 06:37 PM
Read all of it but the part that will interest you most is further down the answer.

In short to your ? though, when you are in the rules wizard and you have a spammers address like george121@somewhere.com, then you can 'wildcard' that as explained below by single click of the address in the rules wizard and in the resulting pop up box in the ADD field, type in @somewhere.com , in addition to that though if the sender is george21@84mtb03.somewhere.com then you can further 'wildcard' it to not just the @84mtb03.somewhere.com BUT also a simple somewhere.com so you are covering multple bases in one rules application.

NOTE THOUGH that if the address ends in yahoo, hotmail, xtra, or other common email mail servers then you won't be able to further 'wildcard' the address as this would also block all mail from those servers, spam or genuine.

If you are using Outlook Express you can set up rules, one of them is Delete from Server.
Highlight the offending message, Click on Message - Create Rule From Message - that will open a box with three windows, the first window is ticked by default Where The Sender Is - go to the second window and tick Delete from Server - now the fun begins, in the third window is the senders address. If the address is yahoo, xtra, mailcity, or any other common web based mail, then just Ok the rule. If the address ends in something such as grouplotto.com or adultmail.com, then you can create a additional rule to further block mail from that site even if they change the first part of the address from freecar to freemoney. Place your mouse over the address, single right click the address, that will bring up a extra window, in the ADD line type in the address from and including the @, so for example type in @grouplotto.com and that will block other messages from that site as well. If you were to apply this to addresses for sites ending in yahoo for example, then you would also block all good senders from yahoo as well.

22-05-2002, 12:25 AM
I needed to be more specific. I want to block any user with a number in their username irrespective of any domain name. Hope someone can help