View Full Version : curious virus follow-ups

19-05-2002, 03:15 PM
About 9 months ago I was infected by Magistr and Loveletter viruses from opening attachment from a known and trusted source (my only infections for several years) I seemingly cleaned these out OK with Norton AV and with no follow-up symptoms. I reported this on another website at that time. Since thenI have received about 8 (essentially anonymous) emails of which the following, received a couple of days ago is typical

do you remember long time ago you've been attack by vbs.loveletter.var ?
Can you tell me if you find a solution because i've got the same problem on my hd ?
thank you

I've never responded to any of these but they keep coming.
Now why should anyone keep sending this sort of thing? Why should even the nefarious perpetrator, if that's who it is, be interested after all this time?

19-05-2002, 03:27 PM
When you go online, from day 1 your whole online life follows you. I once posted a screensaver to a newsgroup claiming at the time that I wasn't the author and that I found it on a magazine cover disk and thought it was neat. It was called 'chute.scr' and was about parachutists. That was close to 13 years ago back in England. And just the other day I received email asking if I had updated it for XP at both my new home and work email addresses !!! You can run but you can't hide ! :-)

19-05-2002, 04:03 PM
I posted a question here once some time ago about the dreaded lopsearch thingy, and that i had eventually managed to find an uninstall prog deep in the depths of lopsearch site. Since then i have received 3 seperate emails from people requesting copys of the uninstall prog. I had placed my email addy in a reply post for the benifit of someone who couldn't find the uninstall. The other 2 have searched this site, found my email and requested the same thing! What amazes me is that people will do this, rather than go what i thought would be the direct route. Mine too seem to come from people with poor english skills, one was from a german free email address!

People are weird, they do weird things... We should get used to this.