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19-05-2002, 02:40 PM
I am going to upgrade my pc platform of Win ME to Win Xp Pro,buti want to test Xp first, so my friend told me to partition it. The program he gave me insists that I backup my Win registry files before partitioning, but i dont have any programs that copy the Win files like Norton Ghost.
What should I do?

19-05-2002, 08:28 PM

It is generally recommended that you backup the entire drive to some form or removable media if possible. If you have a CD-R drive it is possible that it came with some sort of program to do this. If not it can be done for free using MS Backup provided with Windows.

If you only have floppy disks then I suggest backing up personal files and the registry as a minimum. The registry can be backed up manually. To do this restart the computer at the DOS prompt (in the windows folder) and type 'attrib system.dat -h -s' and 'attrib user.dat -h -s'. Now copy the files to floppy by typing 'copy system.dat a:\', repeat this for user.dat'. Now restore the file attributes by typing attrib system.dat +h +s', and the same for user.dat.