View Full Version : File Properties in Windows Explorer

19-05-2002, 12:04 PM
I have uninstalled the anti-virus software supplied with my PC and installed another. However when I select a file and open up the Properties menu in Windows Explorer, the Virus tab refers to the original anti-virus programme and comments that it is not running! Of course! How do I get the Windows to replace reference to the original software with reference to the newly installed. I have no other problems with the newly installed Programme (McAfee). I run Windows '98.

20-05-2002, 04:24 PM
If the anti-virus that you uninstalled was Norton then you will need to delete its references in the Registry.

Go to www.symantec.com and do a search for uninstall norton then follow the relevant instructions for manually uninstalling.

You may or may not need to reinstall McAfee again to get that program's references in the Propeties box.