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19-05-2002, 05:53 AM
Can you help? I am trying to use Ghost to immage my hard disk to CD/RW but am stuck at the DOS commandline parameters, which is a different world of computing to me. Are they realy nessicary? The manual is unclear. If nessicary What should they be? Thanks in advance. Vince

19-05-2002, 01:43 PM
Hi Vincent

As a general rule, command line parameters specified for Ghost are additional options. No parameters are necessary for simple image creation. However, it is important to use a command line file-type exclusion parameter to exclude ghost images if imaging a disk that stores other *.gho images, otherwise your image size will be rather large as you image images of images, if you get what I mean.

The command line parameters/switches are well explained in the manual with plenty of examples and I recommend that you read them carefully, note the examples that relate to your requirements and follow those examples when adding any switches. Watch out for spaces in the command line though, as they are not always obvious.

Unfortunately I can't help with what is necessary for image creation on a CD-RW because I don't use one, all my images are stored on a removable hard disk because it is faster than CD and the storage capacity is more convenient.

Since Ghost normally works in DOS mode from a boot disk, I imagine there would be some additions to the boot disk required to get the CD/RW to work. Page 47 of the Ghost 2001 manual offers some help on this point. If you have a later version, check the index.

It might be simpler to ghost the image to another partition or drive then copy that image to CD in the normal fashion but I'm sure a proficient 'image to CD/RW' guru will be out there somewhere and can add more info than I can.


Billy 8-{)

19-05-2002, 02:52 PM
The command line parameters do not seem to be necessary for mere mortals like us. I have been able to use Ghost quite successfully without them. Like you I find DOS to be unintelligible. The Manual is also written for experienced users and is not easy to follow. It is a great utility though and wellworth persevering with - you really can restore your whole computer in 10-15 minutes.

To be able to image to CD-R/RW you must make two Boot discs, one with CD-R/RW support and a second with CD-ROM support. You boot the computer from the first disk, then put the CD-ROM disc in when prompted. This will make your image disc bootable.
To use the image disc you boot from the CD-ROM disc.
The trap is that both discs have different License numbers and you may have to try both numbers when you come to use your image disc.

20-05-2002, 08:52 AM
I forgot to mention that your CD burner must be an internal - Ghost will not work on external USB burners.