View Full Version : 2 Window98 tells me 2 different internet speed...

18-05-2002, 08:39 PM

I have a computer that have 2 Win98Se, one of them is Mandarin and the other one is English. Both of them have the same ISP for the internet and account(on modem). I use the English Window most the time for work, games and internet and rarely the Mandarin Window. But some how today I notice that my Mandarin Window internet speed had 19bps more than my English Window. I thought it was just the ISP bandwidth, but when I check again it was the same, it had 19 more bps than the English Window.

So does any one know what happening or is there something wrong?

Thanks alot

Computer: Both Win98Se, 56k modem and AMD 500mhz(don't if this would help)

19-05-2002, 03:22 PM
Worry if one (or both) show a *speed* of 19 bps. I have seen 1 bps on a computer working through a proxy server. That was 'a bit' slow.

Throughput numbers are not very meaningful. If a difference worries you, you would probbaly be better to stop the machine calculating these numbers, and let it concentrate on moving the data. It takes a bit of time to make the measurements and calculate and display a number.