View Full Version : Nokia Ni200 compatible with Linux?

18-05-2002, 06:10 PM
Hey there everyone - it's been a while since I was on here last :)

I have just built a linux box, and am planning on getting a Jetstream connection. My question is, if I get a Nokia Ni200:
1) Will it work in Linux?
2) What do you people think on it? I wouldn't know if it were good or worth avoiding, so any advice would be much appreciated.

Thanks in advance,
Jonathan Giles

19-05-2002, 01:17 AM
I was using the ni200 when I was still in NZ, I found it ok. If you only have the one PC and no need to network it should do the job ok. My parents have had it for 5 months now and report no problems with it.

As for being compatible with Linux, cannot answer that, don't know.

19-05-2002, 11:12 AM
according to this mailing list - http://www.atm.tut.fi/list-archive/linux-atm/msg02794.html
there is no support for it, but people are wanting to try get it working (this message is 2 years old)

http://www.inspire.net.nz/jetstart.htm states that there are no jetstream/start drivers for linux, this seems to be the same on a few sites, looks like its an 'official' telecom announcement

ITEX have linux deivers for their cards, check out http://www.nzdsl.co.nz/ for more info


20-05-2002, 04:45 PM
Doesn't look likely -- the DSL-HOWTO recommends STRONLY using an external modem (which has an Ethernet connection to the computer).

It refers to 2 PCI cards (Xspeed X200 and X300), or one USB unit (Alcatel SpeedTouch USB) which were know to work in Jan 2001.

It would pay to check wwith the LDP site, or at rmpfind ... But google didn't find anything much for the NI200.

Have a read of that HOWTO, anyway. One local mirror is http://dunedin.lug.net.nz/docs/ldp/HOWTO/DSL-HOWTO/ .

27-05-2002, 05:38 PM
Yes you can run the Ni200
under Linux, I have it operating. The drivers
supplied by ITEX do work, you must however use kernel
2.4.2 and patching and recompiling is required. Not
for beginners !