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18-05-2002, 03:43 PM
There are alternatives such as, nzoom.com and hisroom.co.nz, herroom.co.nz also via http://nzoom.com

To use MSN messenger u can use any emal and get a passport a/c. I have a hotmail a/c and have not accessed in 2 weeks counting to 4/6 weeks of what it is to freeze the account for good!. That hotmail a/c had MSN Messenger. Now I am using clear.net.nz for it. Sicne clear and many others provide u more than one email a/c - use one for primary, another for internet.

Its not just about MS giving to 3rd parties - I'd sign my one and within my first logon (b4 i told anyone) I was bombarded with 16 emails ... people just guess them.

Vodafone.net is also good with spam control and can be linked to cellphone, and some calendar things and SMS to phone once have email. Can also upload csv (is it??) address books.

If u gonna complain fine. Then do something about it. If u doh wanna go into a strip parlour then doh simple as that - go somewhere else. Get a diff. email address.

I have purposely changed yahoo email a/c password to something v big and threw scrap paper away. Hotmail will delay until they deregister me. Anyone know how netscape changes passord?? - cos they seem not able to close a/c after receiving email reply from them. I am also unable to locate feature to change password. This is crap for security - meaning pple keep the same password for life. I now use 2 accounts of 5 off Clear Net, which i use the junk account through the web ... thus solution to hotmail and another for personal pop. Also I have allocated www.hushmail.com


18-05-2002, 04:41 PM
more simply above ... with any email address u can get msn passport like to use msn messenger. when u clikc on inbox email .. instead of going to hotmail .. goes to ur default email reader. For me .. outlook 2000.

i do it with my clear account.
thus minor spam.


18-05-2002, 05:48 PM
Yeah i agree somewhat - however Microsoft promotes Hotmail, and suggest everybody open an Hotmail account for many reasons not just for E-mailing.

So when a huge company such as Microsoft - can't deliver a high quality service - we have full right to complain.

Microsoft has taken a considerable amount of our money; so why don't they provider the highest quality service - with out charging us.

Where would Microsoft & Gates be without us! ? theirs always Apple

18-05-2002, 08:52 PM
yes true ...
Thanks for the reply andrew.

One person has a right to complain. Complaining and having no motive to fix is in question.

If its not upto scatch .. complain then do something about it. There's no pt in arguing and holding hands with hotmail. The question are u happy or not - to keep or to dump. No point in stayin and waiting for a miracle to happen.


19-05-2002, 05:28 PM
So how much money have you paid to Hotmail @ndrew? Perhaps you should ask for a refund.