View Full Version : Something draining my resources

18-05-2002, 09:15 AM
My son plays Diablo on the internet. This is an ideal way for hackers to get into my computer. Norton does not seem to pick up any illegal activity. Something is draining my resourses. My harddrive works most of the time even if no programs are running. Can anyone help. I've just got a friend to format the computer and since my son installed DiabloII again this problem is back. I have Norton antivirus 2001 and Norton Firewall 2002 on. Is there anyone who can help me. I will be so grateful.

18-05-2002, 03:52 PM
Go to:

Start\Programs\Accessories\System tools\System Information\Software Environment(left hand column)\Running tasks.

Identify what is running, and if it is necessary. Probably a good idea to shut down AntiVirus, firewall and any other program that runs on startup, that you know about, first to reduce the number of entries to idenify.

Is your Hard Drive nearly full?

Do you have MS Office running?n