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17-05-2002, 09:52 PM
I have a Acer scanner usb S2W 43000u. Am able to scan documents then save to a file from PC but unable to use 3 buttons on scanner or some icons. Have downloaded drivers from Acer (mirascan). Unzipped, run setup but still as above. Found scanbutton driver thinking thats it but on unzipping same as other driver. Error's (2 types)Button on scanner = STILL IMAGE SERVICES ERROR MESSSAGE The application associated with this event could not be launched, Do you want to stop launching this application for this event. If I click on Word icon in mirascan software (error) = unable to enable twain source user interface. There is a twainDSB.dll driver in downloaded drivers. It looks like I may need to install twain drivers first, then scanner drivers but don't know how, and have been unable to find another install program. win98 Add Remove programs. shows correct scanner details. Microsoft usbscan.sys. Win98 System shows scanner OK also 98scan.inf

Any help appreciated.

18-05-2002, 11:31 AM
Ok, The first thing I would try if I was you is.
Disconect the scanner, then uninstall mira scan and scan button. Now plug the scanner back in and reinstall the software (mirascan) off the cd that came with the scanner.
If this doesnt work then I would say its probally a conflict with your os and or other software, or a problem with the scanner itself.