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17-05-2002, 08:58 PM
We have just installed an ADSL connection for our small home/office needs. We have two laptops as our computers and are about to buy an ADSL router. We are looking at buying a Nokia M1122 - cost around $680 + per PC card ethernet connection (can't believe how much this all adds up to)for our notebooks. However we notice that a wireless version of the Nokia + 2PC cards will only cost us another $550. Since this gives us much more flexibility about where in the house we work or separately - is it worth it? Any thoughts?

18-05-2002, 11:57 AM
i do not have wireless but ... 11MB connection is too fast already for internet. I mean at uni on this my computer they only support 10MB and I can sometimes get download to 300K/sec .... u have 11MB .. on ADSL I doubt u cxan get this .... Jetstream was told about 3X the speed of 56k so I guess 12k/sec downoads ...

So 11MB is fine. You do have the comfort of placing any laptop anywhere u want .. lounge, bedroom, patio .. to limits of course. As distance increase so do the lower the transfer rate. For ADSL ... printing a file or so ... 11MB should be sweet.

You dont need a router b/w 2 laptop .... u can use just 2 cards. Router is to increase its signal to larger distances and to more than 2 PCs. Thus saves you more ...$$. If u think its $$, can consider on trademe.co.nz or eBay. But don't quote me on that .. I persoally had no problems.

Wireless can becomes eavesropeed since its wireless, I can park a car outside ur house and try to snoop as like anyone else. Liek ur neighbour's kid! So make sure u enable encryption and passowrding - again I have just read am not familiar. But I personally will consider wireless in the future so we doh have to move 2PCs together in one room. U could possibly get a 3Com wireless pcmcia card on eBay for about 60US$ each.

Having said so .. u could go for wire like 100MB cards .. $30 each or so at DSE using a cross over cable - no router/hub b/w 2 PCs. Hassle of cable in house and laptops become not portable anymore .. like surfing in lounge and emailing in bedroom. Get the picture ... But being 100MB connection the internet can only go so fast thus a 10MB one would be fine, but 100MB can perhaps share CD/DVD for VCD/DVD .. (perhaps -??) and quicker for large file transfers.

Hope this helps.

18-05-2002, 12:00 PM
11MB connection meaning the speed of the wirelesss pcmcia/builtin device..

cable solutions can do 10/100.


18-05-2002, 06:40 PM
My experience with wireless is admittedly limited, however I work periodically 'over the ditch' in Sydney. We were working out of an apartment complex recently, and using wireless (d-link I believe) pcmcia cards and a hub to share files.

It would typify a SOHO operation I guess, but it was appalling regarding speed and distance.

Adjacent rooms were *just* possible, adjoining apartments were not (ie 2 rooms away).

Unsur if there was some sort of screening in wall linings but doubt it. Needed full signal to get full speed.

The idea was great...



20-05-2002, 03:16 PM
Why don't you go to somewhere like Gamma Computers or similar, buy a cheap hub at $50-$100, then link your Laptops into that via cables, any length you like. Then get an external ADSL modem (Dynalink RTA020 $350 -$400) and run that into the uplink port in the hub. I know its not wireless but its cheaper, and you can separate the components and use them for any other machines ..Do your notebooks have ethernet 10/100 RJ45 prots already, or were you going to get the cards already. Do you just want fast internet and networking or do you want the latest wireless (vulnerable) toys..